Barueri, Brazil– The Octagon continues its global invasion with UFC Fight Night 29: Maia vs. Shields tonight (October 9, 2013) on the soil of South America for the eleventh time. Meeting in the main event will be two jiu jitsu specialists who do their best work on the ground, Demian Maia and Jake Shields. The two might just decided that they want to slug it out for the crazed crowd, which could make the fight better than most fans expect it to be.

The co-main event features well rounded Brazilian Erick Silva going against the ruthless Judo expertise of Dong Hyun Kim’s. Silva has been streaking after his three-round decision loss to Jon Fitch, who has yet to score a win since that fight and was released from the promotion.

In addition to the main card on Fox Sports 1, there are also four preliminary bouts that begin @ 5:00 ET/2:00 PT. The remaining six fights will also unfold on FS1 immediately following the prelim bouts.

Main Card

– Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields:

Round One: Maia comes out and walks Shields down, Shields landing a nice inside kick to Maia’s leg. Maia goes deep on the takedown and Shields is strong against the cage. Maia finally gets the takedown and Sheilds is using butterfly guard to keep Maia from putting his weight down on him. Shields makes his way up rather easily as Maia was going for some ground-and-pound. Shields unable to get anything going and a body lock takedown scores for Maia. Shields tries to get up and Maia rapidly jumps on his back with both hooks in. Shields avoids the choke and flips Maia and lands in top position. Shields working some light ground-and-pound from Maia’s guard. Maia comfortable fighting from his back, even though he’s not doing a whole lot. Round ends with Shields in Maia’s guard.

Round Two: Shields gets Maia on the ground again and Maia doesn’t look too hot off his back. Shields in Maia’s half guard now and Shields looks to be trying to pass, but that might not be his best bet as Maia looks to be struggling with the strength of Shields on top. Short elbows for Shields and Maia is doing nothing off his back. Maia tries to get up but it’s not working and Shields ends the round on top once again.

Round Three: Maia using his straigh left very well hitting the head and body of Shields. Shields shoots and Maia ends up with Shields on the fence and looking for the takedown. Shields uses his whizzer to flip Maia and Maia back to his feet immediately. Maia ends up with a takedown and has Shields’ back but Shields with a nice reversal and he’s on top of Maia. Nice grappling exchange by the two. Shields peppering away with light ground -and-pound while Maia has his head flat on the mat and he’s taking a breather here. Round closes with Shields on top and not doing damage

Round Four: Fourth round begins and they gauge the distance for a bit before Shields goes for the bulldozing takedown attempt that Maia avoids. Maia turns it around and gets double underhooks on Shields. Shields now has Maia against the cage after Maia couldn’t do anything on his try. Referee breaks them up and Shields dives for a single and Maia sprawls nicely. Another takedown attempt from Shields and Maia ends up on top on the sprawl. Maia digging to the body with short punches and the ref stands them up. Shields throws up a kick and Maia is stalking him. Another kick from Shields and Maia responds with a straight left.

Round Five: Shields throwing kicks out there and Maia just keeps answering with a single left hand, Shields with another takedown and Maia shoos him off again. Shields tries another takedown and Shields ends up getting pressed against the fence and Maia can’t do anything with his double underhooks. They break from the clinch and Shields lands a nice head kick that barely touches Maia. Shields again deep on a takedown along the fence and the ref breaks them up. Maia finally showing some urgency and lands some combinations on the American and his home country of Brazil goes insane.

Shields via split decision

– Erick Silva vs. Dong Hyun Kim:

Round One: Kim goes for the shot and Silva escapes. Kim again closes the distance and Silva avoids again. This is not good for Kim. Kim goes for a backfist that is way off. A few knees to the body land for Silva and Kim is still looking to tie him up in the clinch. Some wild exchanges and Kim pushes Silva to the ground and goes from the back to the mount. Silva has a lock around the body so Kim can’t unload with any ground-and-pound. Kim moves Silva against the fence and Silva starts a scramble that still has Kim in top position, but he’s no longer mounted. Silva rolls for a footlock and Kim escapes it easily. Kim again has Silva on his back and pressed up against the cage. Silva again goes for the heel hook and Kim isn’t in any trouble. Round ends

Round Two: Silva explodes with some heavy strikes that have Kim hurt, but Kim bounces back and presses the Brazilian back against the fence. Kim now lunging in with his hands down. They collide in the clinch and Silva lands a huge knee to the body of Kim. An uppercut followed by a left hook lands for Silva. A few jabs come just after and another uppercut clocks Kim. Kim looks to be folding and Silva has found his range. Kim lands a straight left as Silva leaps in the pocket and Silva falls straight back and lands on his head. The follow-up shot wasn’t needed as Silva was completely flat and out cold.

Kim via KO @ 3:01 of Round Two

– Thiago Silva vs. Matt Hamill:

Round One: Silva looks intense as usual and the action begins after the ref wipes Silva off with a rag. Hmm. Hamill comes out with a strong leg kick and he trips Silva to the ground for a second but Silva is right back up. Hamill looks more comfortable standing than I had expected, and that’s probably not going to be a good thing for him. Hamill with another leg kick and a lazy shot is stuffed by Silva. Silva landing hard shots and Hamill is feeling the pain. Hamill is backing up more and Silva is pressing forward with hard kicks and punches. More big strikes from Silva and Hamill can’t seem to find the takedown he wants. Good body shots by Hamill land and Silva stays active with his punches and kicks. Hamill lands an uppercut and almost lands a left head kick

Round Two: Hamill comes out kicking the leg and Silva returns with big power strikes but Hamill is absorbing every strike very well. Hamill with the takedown and Silva pops back up a few seconds after. Body punch from Hamill and his striking attack looks to have Silva a little frustrated. Some stiff kicks to the leg of Hamill land for Silva but Hamill is staying in his face the whole time. Silva lands a right and follows up with another. Hamill wobbles and Silva smells the blood. An uppercut drops Hamill and Silva goes for the finish, but Hamill recovers quick and gets right back to his feet. Silva is landing the harder shots and forces Hamill to shoot a takedown to end the round on top.

Round Three: More kicks to the leg from Silva are chopping Hamill down. Hamill’s takedowns aren’t working anymore as Silva has now avoided two of them with relative ease. Another kick gets whipped at the leg of Hamill and an eye poke to Silva stops the action for a minute. They restart and Silva begins where he left off before the break, blasting Hamill’s leg with kicks. Hamill with some jabs but he’s looking really slow in there. Silva going low with kicks then high with power punches and he has Hamill desperate to get the fight down to the ground. Silva  with some knees and Hamill is folding fast. Silva continues the onslaught of hard kicks as the round comes to an end.

Silva via unanimous decision

– Fabio Maldonado vs. Joey Beltran:

Round One: They touch gloves and Beltran is putting his jab out there immediately. Maldonado is laying back while Beltran looks to be starting fast. A jab lands for Maldonado and Beltran pushes him against the cage and looks for a single leg takedown. Beltran doesn’t look desperate and unleashes a barrage of body shots and one hits the nads of Maldonado. Yamasaki stops the action and they restart in the center of the cage shortly after. Beltran keeps walking Maldonado down and again has him up against the fence. Maldonado turns it around and Beltran gets the thai plumb and works some quick knees to the body before turning Maldonado into the cage. Beltran with a nice flurry of punches to Maldonado and a guillotine attempt thereafter gets him nowhere but right back on the fence. Beltran continuing to pepper away with punches and knees as he holds Maldonado against the fence and Maldonado has nothing for him here. Beltran backs away and they exchange a few. Maldonado should really focus on getting his back off the fence, but he’s content to just stand there and try to land short shots. A guillotine attempt for Maldonado doesn’t work and Beltran is back up. Maldonado calls for Beltran to punch him as the round comes to an end

Round Two: Maldonado’s corner telling him to stay off the fence between rounds. They start off in the center and Maldonado gets off a couple nice right hands to the bald head of Beltran. Maldonado also using his jab very well and it seems like he’s the more polished stand up fighter, but Beltran seems comfortable on the feet for now. Beltran again initiates the clinch and Maldonado lands a few body punches before Beltran gets him back on the cage. This time Maldonado uses the break to get off some heavy punches instead of just short shots. He’s gonna need to hit Beltran hard in order to take something away from him. Beltran with an elbow over the top and some knees to the body right after. The action comes to a halt. Maldonado’s mouthpiece was knocked out when he was elbowed against the cage. Maldonado now walking Beltran down and Beltran looks to be slowing down. Maldonado finding a home for his jab and Beltran doesn’t like the way it’s going and shoots for a takedown. Maldonado works a body body uppercut combo and Beltran has  nothing for him on the feet. Wild exchanges as the round ends and this time Maldonao looks happy as the round ends.

Round Three: Maldonado returns to his boxing attack and Beltran is moving around uncomfortably. Beltran pushes forward and lands a few on Maldonado. Maldonado stays tough and lands a left to the face of Beltran as he’s getting pressed on the fence. Beltran again has Maldonado pressed on the fence and starts to work for a takedown. Maldonado avoids it and the referee splits them up. Beltran looks slower and Maldonado fires off a jab and a body shot behind it that both land flush on the target. Beltran with a big right hand and gets Maldonado with his back on the fence. A low shot from Maldonado gets Beltran and the action restarts in the center of the cage. Maldonado landing at will and forces Beltran to shoot a takedown. He doesn’t get it but he presses Maldonado back on the cage and finally has him down. Some knees to the body from Beltran after a failed guillotine attempt and Beltran ends the round with a strong message for the judges’ scorecards

Maldonado via split decision

– Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike Pierce:

Round One: Pierce blitzes right away and Pierce lands a nice right hand and jumps in the guard of Palhares. Not a good idea to do that as Palhares immediately starts working for the legs. Pierce falls back and almost looks like he’s gonna try one of his own, he senses danger and stands back up. He’s almost got Palhares off him but again Palhares dives for the leg and he’s relentless on it. Pierce is standing up against the fence while Palhares locks the heel hook and the tap comes shortly after. Big welterweight debut for Palhares!!!

Palhares via submission (heel hook) @ :31 seconds of Round One

– Raphael Assunção vs. T.J. Dillashaw:

Round One: Referee Yamasaki gets the action started and both fighters come out fast. Dillashaw throws out a nice combo that almost lands. Assuncao with a right that knocks Dillashaw off-balance. A kick from Assuncao misses and these guys look like they want to trade strikes for the crowd. Dillashaw ducks under right as I say that and takes Assuncao down with ease. Assuncao right back to his feet and Dillashaw throws a right and leans in with a left uppercut. Big left kick from Dillashaw grazes Assuncao. Assuncao with a kick to the leg and Dillashaw responds with a nice left high kick. A wild exchange on the feet has Dillashaw taking Assuncao’s back. A nice rear naked choke attempt from Dillashaw and Assuncao is holding him up. The choke doesn’t look sunk in but Assuncao looks worried. Dillashaw is relentless on this and again tries to sink in the choke, this time while Assuncao is belly down. Assuncao gets out and they exchange strikes for a bit before the round ends. Wild round!

Round Two: Dillashaw walking Assuncao down to start round number two and Assuncao lands the first big strike and a couple leg kicks follow. Assuncao goes to the body with the kick this time and it seems to be working for him, but Dillashaw looks like he’s biding his time and waiting to land the right shot to stop the fight. Dillashaw with a head kick and Assuncao eats it. Dillashaw goes for a stepping knee and Assuncao clocks him with a clean right that wobbles Dillashaw. Dillashaw shoots and Assuncao works for a guillotine. Dillashaw isn’t letting him get guard and works for a single leg. Assuncao won’t let go of the guillotine and Dillashaw finds his way back to his feet. Big exchange on the feet sees Assuncao getting off another nice right hand. Assuncao got tripped up and goes for a takedown. Dillashaw again on the back of Assuncao and the Brazilian works his way back to his feet. More wild exchanges on the feet by both men before the bell sounds.

Round Three: A kick from Dillashaw and he falls off balance and Assuncao jumps on him. Dillashaw powers to his feet and they’re back on the feet. Dillashaw trying the head kick he’s been looking for all night and Assuncao just isn’t there to take it. Dillashaw bleeding from his nose and eye. Dillashaw goes for the body kick and Assuncao catches it and goes for the takedown. Dillashaw shoos him away and continues to walk him down, even though he’s not really getting much done with his “Bang” muay thai. Close round though, and pretty much even in the standup in the third round. Great fight!

Assuncao via split decision

Preliminary Card
– Ildemar Alcantara vs. Igor Araujo: Araujo via unanimous decision
– Yan Cabral vs. David Mitchell: Cabral via unanimous decision
– Iliarde Santos vs. Chris Cariaso: Cariaso via TKO @ 4:31 of Round One
– Allan Patrick vs. Garett Whiteley: Patrick wins via TKO @ 3:54 of Round One