Visalia, California— The circular cage stops at the Visalia Convention Center for Bellator 102 with the heavyweight tournament semifinals, featuring former UFC fighters Cheick Kongo and Lavar Johnson, bantamweights Rafael Silva and Anthony Leone fight for the 135-pound tournament final, and two middleweight semifinal fights take place on the main card.

It goes down tonight, starting @ 7:30 ET/4:30 PT for the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, starting around 9:00 ET/6:00 PT.

Here are some fast results for the entire fight card:


  • Cheick Kongo vs. Mark Godbeer: Kongo wins via TKO (Knees) @ 2:04 of Round Two
  • Lavar Johnson vs. Vinicius Queiroz: Queiroz by KO @ :25 seconds of Round One
  • Rafael Silva vs. Anthony Leone: Silva wins by unanimous decision
  • Jason Butcher vs. Mikkel Parlo: Parlo wins via unanimous decision
  • Perry Filkins vs. Brennan Ward: Ward wins via submission (Guillotine) @ 2:41 of Round Two

Preliminary Card(

  • Cain Carrizosa vs. Juan Quesada: Carrizosa by Submission (Triangle Choke) @ 4:51 of Round Two
  • Stephen Martinez vs. Bryan Travers: Martinez by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) @ :56  seconds of Round One
  • Brandon Girtz vs. Poppies Martinez: Girtz by submission @ 1:20 of Round One
  •  Javy Ayala vs. Thiago Santos: Ayala by KO @ 5:00 in Round Two
  • Scott Cleve vs. Isaac DeJesus: Cleve by TKO @ 3:14 of Round Two
  • Brandon Cash vs. William Richey: Cash by TKO (exhaustion) @ 5:00 of Round Two

– Cheick Kongo vs. Mark Godbeer:

Round One: Kongo with some right hands right away and Godbeer has nothing for him on the feet. They collide in close and Kongo puts him down right away. Godbeer makes his way to the fence and uses it to get back to his feet. Kongo with strong knees to the leg and body in close and Big John threatens to break them up if the action doesn’t advance. They split and suddenly Kongo drops to his knees. Replay shows that he took a clean knee to the nads and the action restarts in the center of the cage. That knee to the sack looks like it took a lot out of Kongo and Godbeer goes in for a flurry of punches before Kongo takes him down. Godbeer back to his feet and they battle for position along the fence. Godbeer with a nice right on the break and follows up with another. Kongo takes him back down and Godbeer isn’t settling for guard, stays strong and makes his way back up. Kongo working knees and Godbeer returns fire. The ref splits the action and they restart in the middle. Kongo grabs the clinch againi and Kongo turns him around for a second or two, but Kongo is too strong here. The ref breaks them up again and Kongo lands a couple knees in the clinch before the bell.

Round Two: Godbeer presses forward and Kongo is backing up for once. That doesn’t last very long at all, as Kongo again grabs Godbeer and lands repeated knees to the right leg of Godbeer. Godbeer wisely turns into him and Kongo keeps some huge knees to the body. One gets the head and Godbeer drops. Kongo all over him and Godbeer is surviving for now. Kongo keeps him on the fence and lands two more brutal knees to the dome and big John rescues Godbeer from further punishment.

Kongo by TKO @ 2:04 of Round Two

– Lavar Johnson vs. Vinicius Queiroz:

Round One: Lavar Johnson comes in to land some of those knockout punches and Queiroz counters with a bomb that drops Johnson and the follow up strikes force the stoppage. Lightning fast finish for Queiroz!

Queiroz wins by KO @ :25 seconds of Round One

–  Rafael Silva vs. Anthony Leone:

Round One: The action is underway and both fighters are feeling each other out on the feet. Silva pushes with a jab and wings a head kick that misses. Leone with a one two and Silva throws a spinning back kick to the body of Leone. Leone wings bombs and Silva counters nicely with some shots of his own. Nice kick from Silva to the leg of Leone and it looks like he wants to make Leone think low so he can go high. Silva with a nice takedown on Leone and holds the front headlock as he tries to spin and take the back. Leone prevents it and gets butterfly guard, but Silva is on him like glue. Nice scramble that had Silva going for a choke with no hooks and Leone almost coming out with on top, but Silva is too strong and stays on Leone and the round ends with Silva on top.

Round Two: Leone comes out with overhand rights and Silva doesn’t respect his power. Silva pushes Leone back but he’s only coming in with one or two punches at a time. A wheel kick from Silva doesn’t land and Leone is beginning to find the mark with his overhand right. Silva with a jab and Leone fires back with another right hand. Silva works hard for a takedown and drives forward until Leone os on his back and Silva has him up against the cage. Half guard for Leone and he’s not absorbing any damaging blows from here. Silva passes guard and into side control and Leone tries to roll out. Leone gets his back taken in the process but he’s staying strong with Silva on his back. It looks like Silva is too high on the back to secure anything and the round comes to an end.

Round Three: They begin round three and Silva is doing some spinning moves that still aren’t working for him and Leone lands a right hand. Silva keeps the kicks going and Leone is still trying to land that hail mary shot. Silva gets dropped for a second but he’s right back up. Silva again tries to land his spin kick but Leone isn’t there to take it. Silva again scores a takedown and Leone is too weak to get anything going on the ground. Silva is strong on top and not really landing anything that is going to force a stoppage. The ref resets the fight standing and Leone finally gets a takedown but he gets swept shortly after. Round ends.

Silva by unanimous decision

– Perry Filkins vs. Brennan Ward:

Round One: Big John McCarthy calls the action and Ward opens up with a nice flurry of punches that find their mark Pachecho instigates the clinch and Ward lands in top position. Closed guard for Pachecho and Ward postures up to do some damage. Pachecho locking him up nicely and Pachecho explodes to his feet and gets a big takedown on Ward. Ward makes his way to his feet using an underhook and Pachecho almost takes his back. The action continues against the cage and Pachecho is leaning on Ward. Another big takedown by Pachecho and he lands in side control. Pachecho working for a side choke but doesn’t have anything. Pachecho staying heavy on top and works a keylock attempt but doesn’t get it. Pachecho continues to pepper away with light ground and pound from side mount. Pachecho again going for the keylock and moves to mount off that. Round ends with Pachecho in mount.

Round Two: Pachecho ducks under for the takedown and Ward fights it off quickly. Pachecho again looking for a single and Ward shoos him off. Pachecho deep on this single and  Ward is making him pay with some body punches from as Pachecho is fighting for the takedown. More punches from Ward as they make their way up and Ward gets top position on Pachecho. Ward takes the back and lands some solid punches then decides to abandon the position and reset standing. Ward leading with strong jabs and a solid right hand behind it. Pachecho shoots in and doesn’t protect his neck. Ward makes him pay for it and locks ahold of a tight front choke. Pachecho isn’t giving up and Ward squeezes until he’s unconscious.

Ward wins via submission (Guillotine) @ 2:41 of Round Two

– Jason Butcher vs. Mikkel Parlo:

Round One: Butcher rushes in and Parlo males him pay with heavy hands. More big punches from Parlo and Butcher being unorthodox while Parlo is staying tight and serving him some power shots that are landing. Butcher repeadetly falls to his back after getting hit with good shots and Parlo is staying on him, but not wanting to get locked up on the ground with Butcher. Butcher now with some big punches to Parlo as the first round comes to a close.

Round Two: Butcher moves in and Parlo counters with combinations of all kinds. Butcher returns with heavy strikes from Butcher and he shoots a takedown that’s off the mark. Parlo pushing forward and Butcher’s face is beginning to show some damage. Butcher comes in and they exchagnge more punches with Parlo getting the better of him. Butcher takes a big left hook and pops right back up to his feet. Right hand left hook from Parlo and he’s all over Butcher. Butcher falls to the mat and Parlo calls for him to stand back up. Parlo swarming him and lands a big head kick against the fence. Parlo with a huge right hand and he follows up with one to the body. Parlo stays on him and Butcher again falls to his back but Parlo isn’t willing to jump on him for the finish and risk getting submitted. Big uppercut from Parlo and the fight was almost stopped before the end of that round.

Round Three: They come out for the final round and start where they left off. Parlo with some punches and kicks and Butcher falls to his back. Parlo lands some light ground and pound but calls him Butcher back to his feet. Butcher tries a takedown and doesn’t get it. They return to their feet and Butcher is desperately trying to take Parlo down. Parlo landing more strikes and Butcher falls to the ground again. Butcher leans in with some strikes and Parlo goes to the body and hurts Butcher. Another big left hook to the body drops Butcher and Parlo is unable to finish with the follow-up shots. Butcher with some front kicks and goes for a takedown and Parlo lands on top. They return to their feet and Parlo is pounding him on the feet. Butcher falls and Parlo is all over him. The finish looked like it was moments away, but the final bell sounds and this fight is over.

Parlo by unanimous decision