Since Jones-Gustafsson was so ridiculously entertaining last night at UFC 165, and people have already turned to whether there’s going to be rematch, Renan Barao’s win over Eddie Wineland has gotten lost in the mix a little bit. The interim bantamweight champ locked up a bout with reigning champion Dominick Cruz when he returns, by stopping the powerful Wineland in round two. With the win, Barao also extended his undefeated record to 32 fights. Not too shabby.

While Barao continues to demonstrate why he’s one of the planet’s best P4P fighters, the win wasn’t without some controversy, as there are some who believe the fight was stopped prematurely. Barao sent Wineland reeling with a spinning back-kick, and proceeded to swarm the vet with follow up punches. Although Wineland was clearly in serious trouble, it looked as though he was trying to defend himself and never lost consciousness. So what did Wineland have to say about the stoppage at the post-fight presser? (Quotes via MMA

“Personal opinion – I think bulls–t,” the 29-year-old fighter said. “He caught me with a great kick. I was by no means out. I was on my way back up, but the referees have their own discretion, and that’s what he felt was the right call. My hat’s off to Renan. It was a good kick.”

Dana White was also asked for his take on the ref’s decision and relayed:

“It’s one of those tough calls,” White said. “Trust me, I don’t like it when fights are stopped and the guy jumps right up, but he got blasted with that kick, and that’s a nasty kick that knocks people out, and he looked wobbly when he got up. If I thought it was, I’d be smashing the ref. But that was a tough one.”

Although it was a hard call to make, it shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Barao has been a pretty impressive champ in Cruz’s absence. That fight should be fantastic.

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