The Octagon stops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for the UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson pay-per-view fight card that’s headlined by the reigning UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, as he will be going against his tallest test to date in Alexander Gustafsson.

Also on the main card will be a second championship fight between UFC Interim bantamweight belt holder Renan Barao, who will defend it for the second time against Eddie Wineland. This will be the first UFC fight card that will feature two title fights in one night since UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III/Aldo vs. Florian in 2011.

There are also three free preliminary bouts in addition to the main card on Pay-Per-View, which will begin @ 6:30 ET/3:30 PT on Facebook/Youtube. The remainder of the prelims will shift to Fox Sports 1 for four more free fights, starting around 8:00 ET/5:00 PT on FS1.

Here are some fast results for the full fight UFC 165 card:

  • Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson: Jones wins by Unanimous Decision
  • Renan Barao vs. Eddie Wineland: Barao wins by TKO
  • Brendan Schaub vs. Matt Mitrione: Schaub wins by Technical Submission (D’arce Choke)
  • Constantinos Philippou vs. Francis Carmont: Carmont wins by Unanimous Decision
  • Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov: Nurmagomedov by Unanimous Decision
  • Myles Jury vs. Mike Ricci: Myles Jury wins by Split Decision
  • Wilson Reis vs. Ivan Menjivar: Reis by Unanimous Decision
  • Stephen Thompson vs. Chris Clements: Thompson wins by Knockout
  • Dustin Kimura vs. Mitch Gagnon: Gagnon wins by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke)
  • John Makdessi vs. Renee Forte: Makdessi wins by Knockout
  • Michel Prazeres vs. Jesse Ronson: Prazeres wins by Split Decision
  • Alex Caceres vs. Roland Delorme: Caceres wins by Split Decision
  • Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk: Omielanczuk wins by Knockout

Main Card (PPV):
– Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round One: Big reception for the champ as he makes his way to the cage to make his sixth title defense, which would break all time record at light-heavyweight that was set by Tito Ortiz way back when. They touch gloves in the center and Jones doesn’t crouch. WOW! Gus closing the distance well but Jon is mixing it up with side kicks to the leg and a nice back kick to the body. Gustafsson shrugs off Jones’ first takedown attempt. Jones looking comfortable standing and Gustafsson is landin shots as well. Jones is keeping the kicks going but Gustafsson is making this an awesome fight and even gets a takedown on Jones. Jones back up and they end the round with Gustafsson getting the better of Jones.

Round Two: Gustafsson catches a lazy kick from Jones and throws him on his ass. Jones gets up and starts to dive relentlessly on a takedown but he can’t get it. This is getting very, very interesting! Jones still has the focused and isn’t going away any time soon. Jones goes up high with a kick and Gustafsson catches it again and Jones kinda dives down but it just looks terrible. Jones right back up and he goes high for a kick that barely misses. Jones again going for takedowns but he can’t get under the long frame of Gustafsson lon enough to bring him down. Gustafsson circles and pops more jabs in the champ’s face and the champ continues the kicking attack as the round comes to an end.

Round Three: Jones comes out with more kicks and Gustafsson puts a couple hard punches together. Jones with a trick kick to the head and Gustafsson is staying squared and technical, throwing only high percentage shots. Jones again with a kick. Gustafsson with another good uppercut followed by a straight right and the champ responds with some hard kicks. Jones lands another one and a nice left behind it that looked to have rocked Gustafsson but he’s right back in there and putting his punches back in Jones’ grill. Gustafsson halfway commits to a takedown and Jones halfway fights it off. Jones comes in with a spinning elbow and Gus catches it and continues putting a beating on the champion. This is impressive

Round Four: Gustafsson again with a hard right hand and Jones is forced to retreat, but he gets right back in Gustafsson’s grill and he’s ready to  prove why he’s considered the best fighter in the world. Nope. Gustafsson is tearing Jones’ face up with his hands and Jones shoots a desperation shot and Gustafsson stuffs it easily. He now has Jon in full retreat as he’s landing at will on the champ before the round ends.

Round Five: Gustafsson stays in his face and Jones can’t get the takedown he wants early in the round and Gustafsson is giving him a great fight. Jones finally gets a takedown but it might be too late. Gustafsson scoots his way back up and botch fighters are bloodied and beaten. Jon is staying on the takedown but he lets Gustafsson get away from him. Jones hoists up a kick to the head and Gustafsson just eats it. Jones with a jump knee and it doesn’t do much damage. They are both spent and slowing down considerably, but they stay aggressive. Fight ends. This really can go either way!

Jones by Unanimous Decision

– Renan Barao vs. Eddie Wineland

Round One: Co-headliner to get underway and I finally find myself excited to see one of these fights. Should be a good presentation from the Interim champ and challenger. We get started and there’s a nice mixture of intensity and respect in the staredown between the two. Yves Levinge clears the cage and Wineland comes forward with a jab and barao laying back and sticking a kick out there to let wineland know it’s there. Wineland with a nice hook and doubles up on it before landing a nice right hand over the top. Barao works for a takedown and Wineland shoos him off without any trouble and presses Barao against the fence. Barao gets away and they circle around on the outside some more before a kick from Barao is caught by Wineland and Barao goes down. Wineland continues to land the better strikes and this doesn’t look like the same Barao we’re used to seeing.

Round Two: Wineland comes out looking to continue what he started in the first round. Barao spins with a back kick to the head and Wineland is down! Barao smells blood and blasts him for the second round finish, making it the second defense of his Interim title. Where you at Cruz?

Barao by Technical Knockout (TKO) @ :35 seconds of Round Two

– Brendan Schaub vs. Matt Mitrione

Round One: Even though they were all intense at the weigh ins, Schuab offers to touch gloves in the middle and Mitrione wants none of it. Both fighters exchange punches wildly and Mitrione gets the better of it. Schaub returns with a huge right of his own that immediately splits mitrione open. Mitrioone continues to walk him down and lands a nice kick to the body Schaub charges him with punches and when Mitrione goes to answer with his own, Schaub gets a big takedown. As Mitrione makes his way back up and Schaub locks a d’arce choke and put Mitrione to sleep in an instant. Nice sub from a usually boring Brendan Schaub!

Schaub by Technical Submission (D’arce Choke) @ 4:04 of Round One

– Constantinos Philippou vs. Francis Carmont

Round One: Costa walks into the Octagon acting calm and relaxed, picking his eye boogers right before Bruce Buffer announces his name. Carmont is the hometown guy and gets a good little reception from the crowd. Carmont comes with the kicks and Costa with the hook shots. As soon as Carmont gets the chance, he ducks under for a takedown andCosta powers his way to the cage and Carmont is on him like glue. Carmont gets the back and locks in a rear naked choke but Costa turns perfectly and gets out of it. Carmont remains on top, landing light groun-and-pound throughout the rest of the round and Costa was surprisingly committing to submission from his back.

Round Two: Carmont circles and Costa thinks he’s gonna stand with him until Carmont gets him down again. Carmont seems to be a nightmare matchup for Philippou but there’s not much action goin on and McCarthy stands them up. Costa can’t take advantage
and Carmont finds another takedown. Carmont stays heavy on top and Costa is frustrated. Carmont gets the mount and remains on top for the rest of the round.

Round Three: Carmont opens up with a spin kick and Philippou seems wearly of the tackle already. Big kicks go just over the top of Philippou’s head and just as Costa thinks it’s his time to land, Carmont brings him down with ease. Carmont now making a disturbing moaning noise as he’s TRYING to land damaging strikes down on Philippou, who has absolutely NOTHING from his back and this fight is starting to get hard to watch. Carmont isn’t even doing any damage. Fights over.

Carmont by Unanimous Decision

– Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Round One: Healy presses forward and Nurmagomedov looks like he’s chilling back to land a big one.Big hook from Nurmagomedov and Healy is walking through everything he’s got this is what Nurmagomedov wants. Healy willing to throw himself into the fire. Doesn’t turn out to be such a good idea, as Nurmagomedov lands some lunging shots to the face of Healy and a jumping knee that grazed Healy and another one follows and Healy eats it well. Healy not going for any takedowns and he’s starting to show signs of wear on his face. Healy throws aome nice shots to the bodyand Healy gets taken down by Nurmagomedov twice before the round ends.

Round Two: Healy again with forward pressure and lands a nice left hook on Nurmagomedov. Healy with a body shot and a double jab now and Nurmagomedov gets him down. Healy takes a few big punhes to get back to his feet and they separate to strike again. Healy with nonstop forward pressure and this could be the only way he wins this fight. Nurmagomedov with a head kick. Pat is going wild for the knockout and Nurmagomedov looks to be slowing down in the striking. Nurmagomedov remains relentless anyway and lands a couple hard ones to the dome of Healy on the fence, but his takedowns and punches are slwing down and it looks like Healy is figuring it out. Just as I say that, Healy gets taken down and Khabib stays on top for the rest of the round.

Round Three: Both come out striking some more and Nurmagomedov gets the takedown. Healy with nothing much from his back here and Nurmagomedov is trying to land damaging punches and elbows, but the humongous head of Healy is just absorbing it all. Healy makes his way up to his feet and Nurmagomedov littleraly raises Healy up over his shoulder like Lex Luger and runs across the cage and drops him with a slam. Nurmagomedov is workin for a  more dominant position but Healy is a keeping him off well. Healy fights for an underhook and Nurmagomedov briefly gets side control. More short punches from Nurmagomedov and Healy can’t find a way to get Healy off of him. And the fight ends.

Nurmagomedov by Unanimous Decision

Prelims (Fox Sports 1):

– Myles Jury vs. Mike Ricci

Round One: Both fighters touch em up and jury fakes a low kick. Ricci thinks about going high but puts no power behind it. Front kick from jury that doesn’t do anything. Ricci keeps jis jab out there and Jury is moving side to side and setting up his power strikes. The southpaw Ricci stays compact and puts another jab followed by a hook on jury.  Ricci with a hook and Jury returns with a huge right that stunned Ricci. Jury throws it again and Ricci is moving around a but more cautiously now. Jury sees an opening for a takedown and Ricci is staying strong and not allowing Jury to hold him flat. Ricci makes his way to his feet before the round ends.

Round Two: They start where they left off in round two and they are trading short shots to set up their knockout strikes. Ricci still weary of the big right hand of Jury and circles away from it nicely and they continue to circle around and gauge the distance without many power shots being thrown around. More of this until a takedown attempt by Jury misses. Not a very good round.

Round Three: Jury takes Ricci down and Ricci isn’t committing to any submission positions, instead he makes his way back up and Jury brings him right back down immediately. Not much is being done down there and Ricci works some short elbows that aren’t landing at all. Jury gets flipped for a second but finds his way back to top position and Ricci sits up to get a single leg. He can’t get it and the round ends with a weird ground battle against the fence. Not very exciting either.

Myles Jury wins by Split Decision

– Wilson Reis vs. Ivan Menjivar

Round One: Reis comes forward winging hook shots and Menjivar stays calculated and drops Reis with an overhand right that looked like more of a slip. Reis stays on him and Menjivar starts to switch stances. Menjivar grabs the clinch and lands some nice knees to the body of Reis. Reis gets his distance and lands a snapping kick to the lead leg of Menjivar. Menivar is being way patient while he has the chance to do some damage while they;re fresh and he’s not taking advantage. Reis stays on him with winging punches and ens up getting a takedown. Reis in Menjivar’s full guard here and he’s looking to land ground-and-pound. Some nice elbows from top by Reis as the round ends.

Round Two: Menjivar comes out with a kick to the body that doesn’t really land but Reis knows it’s there now.Reis with a low kick an heaves one high but Menjivar backs out of the way. Menjivar kicks the leg of Reis and Reis charges forward with punches and another nice takedown by Reis. More time to work here for Reis but Menjivar finds his way up as Reis was looking to score damage. They reset standing and Menjivar gets taken down once again. Menjivar committing to nothing off his back and Reis does nothing in his guard. Menjivar powers to his feet and looks for some clinch knees. Reis gets free and they circle around a bit and Menjivar lands a nice kick before the round ends.

Round Three: Menjivar using jabs and front kicks to begin with. Reis fires back with some heavy kicks to Menjivar’s lead leg. Menjivar stays using the straight kick and Reis doesn’t mind swinging with him. Reis pushes Menjivar against the fence and Menjivar is doing a good job fighting him off. Menjivar kinda goes for a guillotine for a second, but when he lets go Reis gets double underhooks
and works for the upper body takedown. Menjivar is strong, but Reis is relentless with his drive and doesn’t stop until he brings Menjivar down and lands in mount. Reis looks like he doesn’t want to lose this position more than he wants to end the fight. It takes a while but Menjivar gets halfguard and both fighters are too tired to pull anything off. Fight’s over

Reis by Unanimous Decision

– Stephen Thompson vs. Chris Clements

Round One: Both fighters touch gloves and Thompson is looking for his high kick right away. Clements with a kick of his own and Thompson again with the inside kick high. Clements continues with the aggression and counters a Thompson kick nicely. Thompson now looking for a takedown and stalling the action. They separate and Clements gets Thompson on the cage. They break and Clements barely misses with an overhand and they trade more kicks from the outside. Thompson gets the takedown as the rounds closes.

Round Two: Thompson comes out circling and clips Clements with a solid jab. Clements doesn’t mind and stays in the pocket. Thompson uses his punches to hurt Clements this timeand gets top position to follow up for the finish. Clements stays tough but when he gets to his feet Thompson lands more thudding punches that force the ref to call the match as Clements head bounces off the cage.

Thompson wins by KO @ 1:27 of Round Two

– Dustin Kimura vs. Mitch Gagnon

Round One: Both come out to stand and Gagnon lands some powerful punches. Kimura gets the clinch to stop the onslaught and Kimura lands some of his own punches. Gagnon return fire and it looks like some blood is starting to trickle from Kimura’s nose. Gagnon lands a hard shot to the body and Kimura gets the clinch and works some light knees before Gagnon lands a huge shot on the break. Kimura gets dropped but he fishes for a heelhook as Gagnon tries to pounce on him for the finish. Gagnon defends nicely and they’re back up. Both fighters are trading hooks up high and down to the body, but Gagnon’s look to be landing a lot harder. Gagnon lands a huge right and Kimura just eats it and counters with a hook to the body. Gagnon stays strong and rips his own hook to the body. Kimura looks to shoot and Gagnon allows it so he can get a guillotine. It’s locked in and Kimura is not tapping, he goes out and the fight is over!

Gagnon by Technical Submission @ 4:05 of Round One

Preliminary Card (Facebook/YouTube):

– John Makdessi vs. Renee Forte

Makdessi by Knockout @ 2:00 of Round One

– Michel Prazeres vs. Jesse Ronson

Prazeres by Split Decision

– Alex Caceres vs. Roland Delorme

Caceres by Split Decision

– Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Omielanczuk by Knockout @ 3:18 of Round Three