Depending on who you talk to, there are folks who believe Alexander Gustafsson poses a real threat to the impressive reign of  UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones, while others, not so much. If you’ve paid attention the promo adds for UFC 165, you know that the UFC (and others) are really playing up the fact that Mr. Gustafsson is a big dude just like “Bones.” That’s of course true, as is the argument that Gustafsson’s a talented striker,  but it remains to be seen whether any of that will matter. Not too many people want to experienced the top game of Jones.

In the latest edition of “UFC Tonight”, the 26 year-old Jones was predictably asked about the “The Mauler”, and what fans can expect to see Saturday night in Toronto. Here is some of what the world’s best P4P fighter had to say.

“I think Alexander uses his reach really well, but he doesn’t use his as well as I use mine. If you watch his fights, he gets hit in the face a lot. He does a lot of things that I do, but I think I do them better.”

“You’ll be able to witness a dream come true. You’ll see me surpass Tito’s record. I’m more dominant than ever. My cardio is better than ever. My tactics are better than ever. It’ll be domination baby!”

Judging by the betting lines, most of the oddsmakers seem to agree with Jones on this one, as Gustafsson is a massive underdog in the +590 to +760 range. Jones was also asked about whether he’s still planning to move to heavyweight (since not many people evidently see him losing any time soon), and the Jackson’s MMA fighter relayed:

“I think it’s in my near future. I’m excited about moving up and challenging some of these guys. If Cain can do what he’s done at that weight, I believe I can do it as well. I do things that heavyweights aren’t used to seeing.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see if Gustafsson can test the champ. No one really has to this point.

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