Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn have been rivals ever since their first meeting at UFC 112 that saw Edgar taking the lightweight belt from him in what was a closely contested title fight.

Many fans of “The Prodigy” felt that Penn had done enough to earn the decision, and the Hawaiian wasn’t too thrilled about getting back in line to earn a shot at a rematch. They met again at UFC 118 in Boston, only this time Frankie put a stamp on his first performance against Penn, throwing him down several times and out-striking him all the way until the final bell sounded.

Edgar says Penn performs at his best when he weighs in at 155, and that his opponents were much larger when Penn would fight in the 170lb weight class. (via MMAFIGHTING)

I think his best performances of late are at 155,” he said. “The guys at 70 are getting bigger and more athletic. They cut more weight. At 155, he’s not super sucked in. I think he can make 145lbs. Supposedly, hearing from Dana, he’s really motivated. I know you hear that a lot, but hopefully he makes it, gets down and we can have some fun at 45.

Penn would weigh in at 166-169lbs whenever he showed up to fight at welterweight. If Jose Aldo cuts as much weight as Joe Rogan assumes, then the idea of Penn making it to the featherweight class isn’t so absurd.

Anyone remember the UFC 123 version of the Prodigy? That was the last time we’ve seen him perform up to par at welterweight, and the last time he looked solid at 155 was the fight with Diego Sanchez way back in late ’09.

How he fares at 145 is yet to be seen.