Bellator 99 — Friday, September 13, 2013 — The circular cage stops at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, CA. with a featherweight fight between Former UFC fighter Diego Nunes and longtime Bellator standout Patricio Freire taking tonight’s main event.

It all goes down TONIGHT! Starting @ 7:30 ET/4:30 PT for the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, starting around 9:00 ET/6:00 PT.

Here are some fast results for the entire fight card:

  • Patricio Freire vs. Diego Nunes: Freire wins by KO
  • Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Houston Alexander: Matyushenko wins by unanimous decision
  • Justin Wilcox vs. Akop Stepanyan: Wilcox wins by rear naked choke
  • Desmond Green vs. Fabricio Guerreiro: Guerreiro wins by unanimous decision
  • Andrew Fisher vs. Joe Taimanglo: Taimanglo wins by unanimous decision
  • Andy Murad vs. Gavin Sterritt: Sterrit wins by split decision
  • Goiti Yamauchi vs. Musa Toliver: Yamauchi wins by rear naked choke
  • Blagoi Ivanov vs. Manny Lara: Ivanov wins by guillotine
  • Virgil Zwicker vs. Nick Moghaddam:
  • Savo Kosic vs. Hector Ramirez: Ramirez wins by unanimous decision

Posted Below are your complete fight results and round-by-round coverage for the full fight card.


– Patricio Freire vs. Diego Nunes

Round One: Nunes comes out flat footed and looks like he’s setting up something big. Pitbull stays on the balls of his feet and lands a hard kick to the leg of Nunes. Nunes presses forward, but he’s not leading with a jab and just walking Pitbull down. Pitbull don’t play dat, as he lands a clean left hook as Nunes is coming in and follows up with more punches on the ground. Nunes’ arm is stuck under him as Pitbull is pouncing on him with punches as he’s already out cold. Brutal first-round finish!

Freire wins by Knockout @ 1:17 of Round One

Main Card (SPIKE TV)

– Desmond Green vs. Fabricio Guerreiro:

Round One: Green comes out southpaw and he’s unleashing a nice and calm kicking attack. Guerreiro goes over the top with a right that barely misses. Both fighters gauging the distance and Guerreiro lands a nice inside kick to the leg of Green. Green staying busy on the outside, but Guerreiro is throwing bombs. Guerreiro lands a nice takedown  and Green pops right back up to his feet. Green is now willing to trade bombs and Guerreiro catches a kick and goes for an overhand right that whizzes by Green’s cap. Green leaps in for a straight left and Guerreiro tries to counter with a left hook. Low kick from Green and they tie up briefly before separating to strike some more. Body kick by Green and he works for a takedown as the round comes to an end.

Round Two: Both fighters come out trading kicks to the leg. Guerreiro working push kicks to the knee of Green. Guerreiro gets ahold of Green against the fence and he’s working to take his back, bu the fence is in the way. Guerreiro tries to drag him down to make it easier on himself but Green is keeping a strong base and not allowing him to fully take his back. Guerreiro is relentless on it and sinks one hook in for a second before abandoning that for a nice ankle pick. He still can’t keep him down, and Green springs his way to his feet. More punches and kicks landed for both fighters before Green gets Guerreiro along the fence and works some light knees to the gut.  Guerreiro reverses position and has green against the fence. A knee from Guerreiro looks to be a low blow and the fight stops for a moment. They reset and Guerreiro goes high with a kick and Green goes for the tackle, Guerreiro stays strong, but Green gets a small suplex as the round ended.

Round Three: Guerreiro comes out aggressive and Green ducks under for a takedown, Guerreiro doesn’t allow it, but Green stays strong and secures the body lock as Guerreiro works to get him off. Guerreiro trapped against the fence and Green is landing repetitive knees to the thigh. Guerreiro looking to split his grip but he’s unsuccessful in ding so, and Green continues with the onslaught of knees to the leg. Guerreiro desperate to get something going and somersaults out of the waist lock and almost into a triangle choke. Guerreiro back to the forward pressure and he’s chasing Green down before a takedown attempt from Green stalls the action once again. They trade jabs and kicks before a takedown attempt by Guerreiro is stuffed by Green. Green stays active on the ouside with long jabs and Guerreiro goes for another takedown, Green sprawls nicely and seems to be comfortable with his chances on the judges’ scorecards. Fight ends.

Guerreiro by unanimous decision

– Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Houston Alexander

Round One: Both come out and touch gloves. Rampage comes in as a guest commentator. Houston circles and Matyushenko looks slow. Matyushenko with a light low kick followed by a right hand and Houston is having none of it, countering with a hard right hand over the top. Houston wings more right hands and decides to work for a takedown. Matyushenko sits up nicely and works for his own single-leg, he can’t get him flat on the mat and Houstonstays strong and works his way up with relative ease. They do more slow circling around the cage before they collide in close and Matyushenko gets a nice throw. Matyushenko advances t mount, but before he can land any damage, Houston escapes back to his feet. More big punches thrown by Houston that don’t find their mark, and Matyushenko starts putting his punches and kicks together as the round comes to an end.

Round Two: They both come out looking a lot slower than they were in round one. A lot of circling and not much action going on. Houston lands a few but nothing major. The crowd doesn’t like the show and they are letting both fighters know it. Houston lands a nice punch but Matyushenko absorbs it well and gets back on his bicycle. Let’s hope the energy is being saved for the final frame. Round ends.

Round Three: Houston steps forward and lands a punch to the gut. Matyushenko answers with a nice takedown. Houston is strong and almost gets free, but Matyushenko is on him like glue. Matyushenko remains in top position for the remainder of the round, staying strong, not really going for anything that will cost him the round. The end.

Matyushenko wins by unanimous decision

– Justin Wilcox vs. Akop Stepanyan:

Round One: Bout is underway and Wilcox presses the action early. Stepanyan with a snapping low kick that lands and Wilcox circles out. Stepanyan seems more dangerous on the feet, but Wilcox is content to try his luck standing with him. Another hard kick to the leg from Stepanyan lands and Wilcox suddenly becomes desperate for a takedown. Stepanyan sprawls nicely and Wilcox abandons ship. Big high kick from Stepanyan and Wilcox eats it and bull rushes with punches that miss by a long shot. Another powerful kick by Stepanyan puts Wilcox down for a moment, but he’s back to his feet in an instant. Wilcox paying for his choice to stand and bang with the Russian. Round ends.

Round Two: Wilcox comes right at him and Stepanyan goes right back to his kicking attack. Wilcox goes for something and Stepanyan thumps his outside leg and Wilcox does sort of a crazy front flip maneuver. Wilcox back up and he is looking hurt. Wilcox remains focused and manages to get a takedown. Wilcox gets his back and locks ahold of a rear naked choke. NO WAY! Stepanyan fighting hard for a hand but Wilcox’s squeeze is unforgiving.

 Wilcox wins by rear naked choke @ 2:20 of Round Two

 – Andrew Fisher vs. Joe Taimanglo:

Round One: Fisher opens up with a hard leg kick and a right hand that follows. Both fighters attack recklessly in the clinch and it’s Fisher who gets the best of it, ending up on top with a nice takedown. Sweep by Taimanglo and they are back up to their feet. A guillotine hold for Fisher but he gives up on it before he could even expend any energy squeezing.  They separate and trade winging hook shots before an accidental headbutt stops the contest for a moment. They reset and some stiff punches from Taimanglo bust the nose of Fisher. Both fighters wing shots until the round ends

Round Two: Both fighters come out a bit more cautiously than they were in the opening round until a big uppercut misses from Taimanglo. They get in close and some nice clinch knees from Fisher are working well for him. Fisher’s bleeding badly from his mouth and Taimanglo is popping him with the jab. They’re slowing down considerably, trading punches until the round comes to a close.

Round Three: Fight continues on and they both come out wildly, despite this being a grueling back-and-forth battle. Taimanglo landing punches at will, but his defense is looking poor – hands down and chin up in the air, Fisher needs to turn it up if he wants to win this fight, because he isn’t gonna get a judges’ decision. But hey, we’ve seen crazier calls. Taimanglo continues with his display of striking with his hands down by his waist and Fisher doesn’t capitalize on any openings. Round ends.

Taimanglo wins by unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (

– Savo Kosic vs. Hector Ramirez: Ramirez via unanimous decision

– Andy Murad vs. Gavin Sterritt: Sterrit wins by split decision

– Goiti Yamauchi vs. Musa Toliver: Yamauchi wins by rear naked choke @ 1:01 in Round One

– Blagoi Ivanov vs. Manny Lara: Ivanov wins by guillotine @ 1:17 of Round One

– Virgil Zwicker vs. Nick Moghaddam