UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez made up for a crushing knockout loss to Junior dos Santos with a complete 5-round destruction at UFC 155. His close training partner Daniel Cormier thinks dos Santos is trying to make up for his five-round beatdown just a little too soon.

“I think Junior’s great, he’s a fantastic fighter, he’s big, strong, athletic, great cardio,” Cormier told FightMagazine! “I gained respect for Junior Dos Santos after the last fight with him and Cain, because who goes through that for 25 minutes and then goes to the back and says, ‘I want to fight him again’? That guy’s a fighter, man. He’s a dangerous opponent”

Even though dos Santos displayed the heart of a champion for those attending the live event in Las Vegas, Nevada, it still wasn’t enough to keep the boo birds away from the heavyweight Brazilian who had just got his title taken.

Cormier shares more insight on Velasquez-Dos Santos III:

“I believe Cain is the best, and more than anything I think it’s too soon,” he said about the former champion. “If you take a beating like that and then 10 months later have to fight that same guy again I don’t think you have the time to make the adjustments to change it that much. I think it will look similar but Cain will probably finish him this time.”

Dos Santos has only fought Mark Hunt since Velasquez took the title back from him last December. In the fight with Hunt, the former champ got a pass in the wrestling department as Hunt is only a kickboxer, so he was able to unleash all of his standing strikes without having to worry about getting put down with takedowns.

Did his spectacular third-round spin kick KO of Hunt prove to you that he’s ready for the champ’s five rounds of horsepower at UFC 166 in October?