September 4, 2013 — The Octagon continues it’s global invasion at UFC Fight Night 28: Teixeira vs. Bader in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This time with a light-heavyweight headliner, featuring the two heavy hitters Ryan Bader and Glover Teixeira, including a co-main event that holds a middleweight matchup of two strong ground fighters, Jacare Souza and Yushin Okami.

It all goes down TONIGHT! Starting @ 4:30 ET/1:30 PT for the Facebook/Youtube preliminary fight. Tune in to Fox Sports 1 after that for the remainder of the prelim bouts @ 5:00 ET/2:00 PT, then the main card action gets underway @ 7:00 ET/4:00 PT.

Main Card (Fox Sports 1):


– Glover Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader:

Round One: Bader comes out and closes the gap right away. Teixeira lands a quick punch and Bader returns with his own before looking for a takedown, he doesn’t get it and tries a guillotine choke. Teixeira wiggles his way free and they are back in the center. Teixeira lands a winging left and Bader counters nicely and drops Teixeira ad he’s all over him! Teizeira with his back on the fence and he’s rolling with the punches nicely. Not much accuracy from Bader as Teixeira lands a clean right left counter that drops Bader! Teixeira gets on top and the nonstop barrage of strikes forces Herb Dean to rescue Bader. Smooth!

Teixeira defeats Bader by TKO @ 2:55 of Round One

– Ronaldo Souza vs. Yushin Okami:

Round One: Jacare comes out kicking and Okami returns. Big right from Jacare lands on Okami and this is the beginning of the end. Okamu overcomes the early onslaught, only to get hit again when they make it back up. This time Jacare lands one flush and Okami hits the canvas! Jacare is all over him and the final follow up shots bring an end to the bout. Impressive display of killer instinct from Jacare.

Souza via TKO @ 3:07 of Round One

– Joseph Benavidez vs. Jussier Formiga:

Round One: Benavidez circles and begins trying to figure out Formiga’s timing right away. Formiga counters the clinch with a left over the top. Benavidez  keeps pressing him backwards and uses his volume punches to do so. Not much going on until a big right left from Benavidez stuns Formiga. Another left followed by a stepping knee floors Formiga and  Benavidez pounces on him for the first round stoppage!

Benavidez via TKO @ 3:07 of Round One

– Francisco Trinaldo vs. Piotr Hallman:

Round One:

Round Two: Both fighter start out unwilling to take a step back. Hallman the aggressor and Trinaldo is having none of it as he whips several kicks to the body that stun Hallman. He can’t take much more of this beating. Trinaldo continues with the body attack but Hallman is figuring out his timing while hurt and he’s not folding under pressure. Trinaldo gets a takedown and finishes the round on top.

Round Two: Trinaldo goes high with a kick and gets taken down for it. Trinaldo tries a reversal and doesn’t get one. Hallman aggressive with his standup once they get back to their feet and Trinaldo is forced to shoot, it;s stuffed and Hallman stays on him with big punches before locking ahold of a kimura from top. It’s done. The tap comes and this fight is over.

Hallman wins by Kimura @ 3:50 of Round Two

– Rafael Natal vs. Tor Troeng:

Round One: Both start by trading punches and kicks and they’re gauging the distance. Big right from Natal floors Troeng and he’s out on his feet. As Troeng falls back, Natal lands on him and tries to get the TKO, but Troeng survives as Natal isn’t really aiming with his punches and freaking out trying to finish him. NOPE! Natal can’t get it and looks to secure side control. They make it to their feet and Troeng gets some good punches in before the round ends.

Round Two: Another big right from Natal sends Tor to the canvas and Natal is all over him! Tor withstands and finds his way out of a following guillotine attempt before getting back to his feet. They go back down and Tor tries a sweep and can’t complete it. Natal goes for more ground-and-pound briefly before Tor finds his way to his feet. They trade punches and kicks until another takedown attempt from Natal comes close, but Tor stuffs it and lands on top. Natal reverses him as the round ends.

Round Three: Natal continues with his straight forward attack and gets Tor up against the fence and in the clinch. Tor turns him and gets Natal on the fence and goes for a lift, but Natal has a guillotine in tight! It looks locked, Tor falls to his back and rolls to his side. Natal keeps squeezing but Tor is too tough. Tor in top position now and he’s finally looking to score some damage in the final minutes. Natal finds the sweep and gets his back, landing light punches from on top to finish strong.

Natal by unanimous decision

– Ronaldo Souza vs. Yushin Okami:

Round One:

– Joseph Benavidez vs. Jussier Formiga:

Round One:

– Ali Bagautinov vs. Marcos Vinicius:

Round One: Ali Baga comes out and gets the clinch early. Some hard punches land for the russian and he’s all over Vinicius and going for the TKO finish. Vin shows tremendous resolve and makes it out of the situation, but he gets caught in a guillotine that looks pretty tight. Vinny squirms out and Vinny looks to get the back. Vinny works for the arm off the rear naked choke attempt and Bagautinov secures a takedown in the final seconds of the opening round.

Round Two: Both fighters trade big kicks bef0re Bagautinov takes Vinicius to the ground, but Vin makes his way back to his feet after little is done with the takedown from Bagautinov, but he stays relentless on it and gets it again while landing in Vin’s guard. Bagautinov keeps good posture and isn’t letting Vin get anything going from bottom. Elbows from his back land for Vinicius and he continues to go for sweeps and triangles from his back but Bagautinov stays too strong on top. He gets up suddenly and they trade some before another takedown is secured by the Russian.

Round Three: They’re both looking tired from all the constant effort they have put forth thus far. A few takedown attempts from Bagautinov gets tired of trying and finally lets his hands go. Vin wasn’t expecting it and just stands there as the Russian’s straight left smashes into his face. END OF THE FIGHT!

Ali Bagautinov defeats Marcos Vinicius via KO @ 3:28 of round three


Preliminary Card (FOX Sports 1):

– Keith Wisniewski vs Ivan Jorge:

Jorge wins via unanimous decision

– Joao Zeferino vs Elias Silverio:

Silverio by unanimous decision

– Lucas Martins vs Ramiro Hernandez:

Martins via rear naked choke @ 1:10 of Round One

– Felipe Arantes vs. Edimilson Souza:

Souza by Split Decision


Preliminary Fight (Facebook/YouTube):

– Yuri Villefort vs Sean Spencer

Sean Spencer wins via Split Decision