MMA Stories from NH

From Rico FlashBack

This past Friday Night we journeyed up to NH for the BONE MMA event in Manchester.  It’s always nice to visit New Hampshire for an MMA event; good fighters and great folks.  We saw Jabril Patterson from Victory MMA improve to 3-0 with a first round (10 second) KO.   Fellow New Yorker Philip Parish improved to 2-0 when he handed local fighter Taylor Trahan his first loss with a come-from-behind third round TKO via G&P.  Also, a pair of undefeated NH Amateur Welterweights, JT Harold and Paul Gaffney, engaged in a Fight of the Year candidate that saw Paul taking by unanimous decision.

When I first entered the JKF Coliseum I bumped into an old friend and fellow MMAssociate Mr. Nasty himself, Jay Fortier.  Jay was a ranked welterweight a few years ago, and he and I laughed about a funny story that happened back in 2008…

The story began on September 14, 2008 in Concord, NH.  Jay’s opponent showed up toward the latter part of the weigh-ins and weighed in some 12 pounds or so over the agreed upon (185lbs) limit; Jay had weighed in earlier right on the mark.  His opponent tried to lose the weight in the half an hour or so that was left, but he still weighed in 12 pounds heavy.  It was agreed that as long as he weighed in at a newly agreed upon weight the next day that the fight would be on.

The following day at the event center, Jay’s opponent weighed in even heavier than the previous day and the fight was in danger of falling out again.  Apparently a new weight was agreed to, but Jay would likely not weigh in close enough to that weight and, thus, the commission may not let the fight happen.  I was sitting in the locker room and Jay came in fully dressed in a hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants, and he began taking water bottles from the cooler and stuffing them down his socks, compression shorts, and every other nasty place that he could find.  “I gotta put on a few pounds real fast,” Jay said.  Out of the locker room Jay sped…  Ten minutes later Jay came back to the locker room and the fight was on.

Jay was the fourth fight of the night, and he walked out to his entrance music and was standing in the cage when his opponent’s entrance music played.  What must have seemed like an eternity passed before the hard truth was known; Jay’s opponent, with hands taped and gloved and his entrance music blaring, left his locker room and exited the building, climbed into a car, and left the premises.  He apparently left the event center and headed back the hotel where he and his friends trashed the room and then fled the state.  His opponent had also been paid his show money in advance by the promotion.

Jay was awarded the win by DQ; it was the first win of his career.

Ahh, good times with good folks…