UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson has fielded countless questions about top contender Anthony Pettis’ striking in not just the weeks leading up to their UFC 164 showdown but the years since being knocked down by the iconic “Showtime Kick” in their 2010 tilt. Though it’s unknown if Pettis will attempt a similar strike in Saturday night’s fight, the 26-year old is as creative a painter as can be found in MMA when it comes to the art of stand-up.

During the pre-event press conference, Henderson admitted he was aware of Pettis’ predisposition for flashy moves and had even gone so far as to spend time getting ready for it.

“We definitely prepared. I have a great training camp and great training partners. They threw a bunch of weird stuff at me to keep me on my toes and made sure I had my eyes open,” said Henderson. “They did a really good job – a great job – of being able to mimic Pettis and throw some of their own stuff that was unique, off the wall…weird stuff I’d never seen before.”

“I’ll be ready for it if it happens,” cracked the grinning Henderson when pressed on readying himself for another kick off the cage, adding he himself would not be attempting anything along those lines.

“I have not,” replied Henderson on the topic of having practiced the “Showtime Kick” as a means of messing with Pettis. “I don’t think I’m athletic enough for it.”

The full press conference can be seen below with comments from Henderson, Pettis, Josh Barnett, Frank Mir, Dana White, and more: