Main Card on FS1

Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann

Round 1: Kampmann looks for the takedown early and gets it. Condit kinda stuck underneath and looks for a leglock, but no way. Kampmann stays on top, and he is landing some nice clean punches. Condit escapes but Kampmann takes his back quickly. Condit excapses out the back door and reverses the position. They both get to their feet against the fence. Kampmann again with a takedown. Condit finally escapes and looks for some stupid hook kicks and such, Kampmann takes him down again. Seems simple at this point, Kampmann looking for positioning and possibly a submission. 10-9 Kampmann

Round 2: Condit kicking from the outside, Kampmann throwing straight punches. Kampmann’s jab lands. Condit  circling and starting to find his range. Kampmann lands a nice punching combination and he turns it into knees.  Condit lands  kick head kick. Condit looking for front kicks and jabs. Kampmann presses forward unafraid. Condi looking for all kinds of hooks and kicks, Kampmann looks overwhelmed. Kampmann shoots for a double, but Condit defends. Kampmann looks for the takedown but can’t get it, and the round ends. 10-9 Condit

Round 3: Kampmann looking to win rounds here, he presses in for a takedown against the fence. He lands one, but Condit pops right up again. Kampmann presses forward for another takedown, and Condit seems to have the answer with striking. Condit throws some nice kicks and punches to keep Kampmann at bay. Kampmann’s nose is clearly broken at this point. Condit moving forward again. Condit unleashing combinations. Kampmann trying to slow down the pace with a takedown, but Condit takes his back looking for the finish! Kampmann is out! 10-9 Condit

Round 3: Kampmann has Rastafarians in his corner, that’s funny. “Just breath, mon! Just breathe!” Kampmann’s face is fixed up and he looks rejuvinated. Kampmann presses forward and lands some nice punches, hurting Condit.  Condit lunges forward which seems completely crazy, and he lands a nice left hook that hurts Kampmann badly. Condit throws a flurry that hurts Kampmann to the body as well as to the head. Kampmann covers up against the fence and the ref shouts “fight back!” – Kampmann covers up but Condit blassts him until he falls down to the ground on his knees. A few more punches and a knee to the body, and that’s the fight.

Carlos Condit def. Martin Kampmann via TKO (punches) at 0:54 of round 4

Donald Cerrone vs Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1: Cerrone walks out to “Cowboy” by Kid Rock, pretty cool. Dos Anjos looks serious man, he looks focused. They touch gloves, and its on. Cerrone blasts some leg kicks and head kicks. Dos Anjos lands a nice left hook. Cerrone thinks about it, and he decides to use more leg kicks. Don Anjos lands a nice right. Cerrone flat footed. A left setup punch and a right hand puts Cerrone down. Dos Anjos follows him down, and Cerrone throws up a triangle that Dos Anjos avoids. Dos Anjos stays on top, and he is looking to drop elbows. Cerrone stays defensive and avoids any damage. Dos Anjos sneaks in a few nice elbows that land flush, and the round ends. 10-9 Dos Anjos

Round 2: Dos Anjos is pushing forward rapidly. Cerrone is having trouble setting anything up. A nice left body kick lands on Cerrone. Dos Anjos lands a nice right to the body and left hookt o the head. Cerrone shoots in for a double and gets it. He passes to side control and he is determined to find something on the ground. Dos Anjos escapes. Dos Anjos still looking for that same kick to the liver. Cerrone just backing up and not executing. Dos Anjos hits a sloppy takedown and rides it on out until the end of the round. 10-9 Dos Anjos

Round 3: Cerrone looks beat before the round starts. Dos Anjos looking for kicks early on. Cerrone lands  a thunderous leg kick that drops Dos Anjos.  Cerrone is having trouble pulling the trigger when he gets in tight. Dos Anjos presses forward against the cage. Sort of odd round.  Cerrone looks for another few leg kicks that hurt. Dos Anjos seems like he has plenty of energy, bouncing all over the place.  Dos Anjos shoots for a double and Cerrone defends. Dos Anjos looking to avoid altogether in order to win a decision, pretty obvious. Dos Anjos circles more and  looks for headkicks. Cerrone looks defeated after the bell.

Rafael Dos Anjos def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision

Kelvin Gastelum vs Brian Melancon

Round 1: Melancon looks strange during the announcements. He doesn’t look focused. Gastelum looks light on his feet early on. As soon as Melancon throws a punch, Gastelum hits a double. They both return to their feet. Gastelum lands a solid leg kick, and Melancon closes in on him while he is off balance. He hits a nice one-two against the fence, and Melancon covers up. He times it and hits another one-two and Melancon goes down. Gastelum leaps onto his back and sinks a rear naked choke. Melancon has no chance, he taps. Amazing finish.

Kelvin Gastelum def. Brian Melancon via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:59 of round 1

Court McGee vs Robert Whittaker

Round 1: McGee looks like he has the recipe for success here. He is pressing forward and blasting punching combinations. Whittaker hasnt had a chance to throw any strikes of consequence at all. McGee is staying stuck to him and his output is amazing. Whittaker showing his usual stance of having his left hand at his hip (which I absolutely despise) and he is changing his mind as time goes by. McGee pressing forward and Whittaker seems confused 10-9 McGee

Round 2: McGee staying aggressive and showing great combos to keep Whittaker at bay. He stings Whittaker badly with a right-left combo. Whittaker recovers quickly. McGee is now enthused, and he is all over Whittaker. He stalks him for minutes at a time with Whittaker not really using much offense. It looks like Whittaker is looking for a lead left hook, but is failing. McGee is all over him. 10-9 McGee.

Round 3: McGee aggressive yet again. Whittaker seems to be a lot more eager and active in this round. He is using his lead left hook finally. Both fighters exchange jabs, and McGee’s hurts much worse. McGee lands a left hook. They both stay very busy, but McGee is busier. Whittaker seems like he is trying to stay afloat. McGee has such a ridiculous output level.  He is stalking Whittaker, and Whittaker attempts a last stand in the last ten seconds, but it is all McGee. 10-9 McGee

Court McGee def. Robert Whittaker via split decision

Takeya Mizugaki vs Erik Perez

Round 1: Both fighters showing quick hands early, and Perez is looking to land straight punches. Mizugaki looking for big hooks. Perez looks comfortable exchanging, and he lets loose a flying knee that lands flush on Mizugaki’s nose. Perez works a takedown and holds Mizugaki down for a minute or so. Mizugaki gets back to his feet, and Perez seems to realize that he has the wrestling advantage. He hits another takedown, and Mizugaki escapes again. Misugaki lands a nice looking judo throw, but Perez just reverses and winds up on top. 10-9 Perez

Round 2: Perez looking to kick the body when Mizugaki throws hooks. Nice gameplan, but he seems to forget it quickly and they exchange hooks wildly. More crazy hooks. Both fighters winging hooks at each other, but nothing landing. Perez lands s nice knee somewhere in there. Perez looking for a takedown, but Mizugaki defends. Tough round to score, both fighters with a high output, yet little damage inflicted. Mizugaki can’t finish a takedown, and then neither can Perez. Perez wins this round by a hair. 9-9 round

Round 3: Perez looking to land kicks, but Mizugaki wise to it and countering hooks. Perez forced to change his strategy. Mizugaki looking for punches, and he is able to land a takedown on Perez. He works for control, and he takes the back of Perez. Mizugaki works for the rear naked choke but he has no hooks in. Perez just barely escapes in time, and Mizugaki swarms him with punches on the way up. Perez showing heart, but he looks tired. Mizugaki clinching until the final 10 seconds, and then finishes with a flurry that mostly misses. This really could go either way. 10-9 Mizugaki

Takeya Mizugaki def. Erik Perez via split decision

Brad Tavares vs Bubba McDaniel

Round 1: For someone who is supposedly outmatched, I don’t see it. Bubba stays pressing in on Tavares early and is landing punches. Not a very active round. Bubba landing more punches, combos now. He is getting in and out effectively. Bubba lands a nice right hand that drops Tavares, and on the way in to finish he lands an inadvertant headbutt. Tavares rights himself, but Bubba wins the round in my humble opinion due to the knockdown. 10-9 McDaniels

Round 2: Tavares looking to implement his gameplan of kicking and staying outside. Most of his kicks Bubba is able to block or dodge. Tavares manages a decent body kick. Not much action, they go a few minutes without much of anything happening. The crowd is booing loudly. More kicks from Tavares. Bubba lands a takedown right when it matters, and he rides it out until the end of the round. 10-9 McDaniels

Round 3: Tavares opening up big with kicks. He has figured out the key here it seems, he is staying way outside with leg kicks and body kicks. He looks for the occasional headkick, but he looks gunshy. Uneventful round. Crowd boos. Bubba gets the takedown about midway through the round, and he manages to hold Tavares down for a few minutes. Tavares escapes eventually, but he looks dead tired. Bubba still looking for the takedown and maybe a standing submission, but Tavares easily avoids. 10-9 Tavares

Brad Tavares def. Bubba McDaniels via unanimous decision

Prelims on FS2

Dylan Andrews vs Papy Abedi

Round 1: Both fighters looking to keep their range. An odd start, they both circle and look to counter. Both fighters look huge for their weight class. Abedi actually looking for takedowns. Both fighters gunshy. They eventually tie up and grapple against the fence for most of the round. Nothing much to report here. Usually Abedi is much more explosive and unpredictable. He seems content to just pressure Andrews and look for punches from the clinch. Andrews complains of low blows numerous time. A bizarre round of action. 10-9 Abedi.

Round 2: Andrews complains of a left shoulder injury in between rounds. His corner advises him to use his good shoulder to finish the fight quickly. Easier said than done. Andrews keeps his range with his idle left hand, and Abedi continues to look for punches leading up to a clinch. Andrews circles and looks to defend the clinch and takedown. Abedi lands a random headkick. Abedi presses forward, and Andrews fends him off with a pushing jab, and follows up with a few nasty uppercuts. One of the uppercuts lands in the exchange, and Abedi is on ice. Andrews closes in on him and blasts a few more right uppercuts that send Abedi face down on the canvas. Abedi is still awake, but Andrews lands a few mean punches from the top on an unresponsive Abedi, and that’s the fight. Impressive, Andrews finishes the fight with one hand.

Dylan Andrews def. Papy Abedi via TKO (punches) at 1:32 of round 2

Justin Edwards vs Brandon Thatch

Round 1: Some strange delay while they stand across the cage waiting for the green light.  Immediately Thatch is all over Edwards. He is just swarming him with strikes from all angles. using headkicks from outside, elbows and knees from the clinch, and hooks from in tight to repeatedly floor Edwards. Thatch stays on him until the ref calls the fight. Serious heart shown by Edwards, he never quit. Thatch looking great out there, he had all the answers for every striking exchange. Impressive.

Brandon Thatch def. Justin Edwards vis TKO (strikes) at 1:23 of round 1

Darren Elkins vs Hatsu Hioki

Round 1: Elkins looks content to exchange punches with Hioki. Hioki is trying to get a beat on Elkins. Hioki using footwork. Hioki taking his time and learning his opponent’s habits. Hioki lands a nice right uppercut about halfway through the round. Now we see Hioki stalking and Elkins using footwork. Elkins looks to catch a leg and hit a single, but Hioki defends. Elkins lands a nice right hand and Hioki raises his hands to the crowd. Both fighters show appeal, and Hioki lands a nice kick to the liver. Elkins is hurt badly and covering up, and Hioki lands a follow up hook to the body and Elkins is down. Hioki is on top, but Elkins manages to sweep. 10-9 Hioki

Round 2: Elkins takes the center of the octagon and lands a sweet four punch combo. Hioki looks for a takedown and succeeds. Elkins scrambles out and knees the body. Hioki switching stances and repeatedly looking for that kick to the liver. Elkins is wise to it and tucks his elbows. Elkins hits a double leg with authority. Why didn’t he do this sooner? Elkins lands some body shots from the guard and he is all over Hioki. Hioki rolling to escape but Elkins is persistent. Hioki is up and Elkins is pressing him against the cage.  Hioki takes his back, and they both switch positions repeatedly, I can’t even keep up. A high pace ending to this round. 10-9 Elkins

Round 3: Elkins lands a few nice right hands. Elkins pressuring forward. Elkins with a rapid output here, and he is showcasing an excellent gas tank. Hioki looks confused. Elkins sets up a takedown with strikes nicely. Hioki looking for submissions but Elkins is wise to it. Elkins controlling and it looks like he is pulling way on points. Elkins staying busy with punches to the body from the guard. He boxes the ears. Hioki looking for subs but none are even coming close. He is not looking for sweeps. Elkins heavy on top and he is easily winning this round. 10-9 Elkins

Darren Elkins def. Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision

James Head vs Jason High

Round 1: The UFC actually shows the betting odds for the fight while Bruce Buffer announces them. Interesting. Jason High is looking to bat down the hands and land a big left, a journeyman trick that is not working at a professional level. Head sees this and ducks under for an easy takedown. High reverses and lands some bombs from on top and he dives for a guillotine. it is tight as all hell, and Head rolls around and escapes, High clapms it up again, this time tighter, and lands the guillotine from mount. He shrimps up and cranks it, and there is no escape. Head taps, and High is feeling high after his first UFC victory. (see what I did there?)

Jason High def. James Head via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:41 of round 1

 Facebook Prelims

 Zak Cummings vs Ben Alloway

Round 1: The two trade a few punches and then immediately look to grapple. Cummings out muscles Alloway rather easily and takes him down. Alloway escapes and Cummings takes it easy. They tie up again. Rather uneventful, Alloway doing a good job of not getting taken down, but he can’t seem to get his back off the fence. Cummings finally gets him down, and he is looking for a darce against the fence. Alloway somersaults out which was really cool looking, but Cummings rolls with him! He clasps his hands and ties up the feet, and Alloway is forced to tap. Crazy submission!

Zak Cummings def. Ben Alloway via submission (darce choke) at 4:19 of round 1

Abel Trujillo vs Roger Bowling

Round 1: Both fighters talking shit across the cage during their entrances, good stuff. No touch of gloves and they’re off. Huge lightweights. They waste no time and trade bombs! A left-right from Bowling stuns Trujillo! Bowling goes in for the kill and Trujillo wings a right hand that stuns Bowling! They exchange again and Bowling hurts Trujillo. Trujillo turns away for a second, and then snaps back into it. Trujillo starts to get in and out while landing punches. Some solid shots landing on Bowling! What a chin he’s got! Trujillo lands a few more crisp hooks that land flush. Bowling decides to look for a takedown. He gets it, but Trujillo wastes no time and reverses. Trujillo controls from the top for a while, and Bowling commits to a guillotine. He wrenches it, but Trujillo just waits and survives. It looks tight near the end of the round, but Trujillo escapes to his feet and they widly exchange until the bell. What a round! 10-9 Trujillo

Round 2: They exchange early and freely. Trujillo looks to be a tad sharper, but man it is close. Bowling shoots for a double Trujillo defends and then bombs on him for missing. Bowling has a hell of a chin. Suddenly, Trujillo is tired and his punches are sloppy. Bowling sees it starts to capitalize with combos. A mad exchange and Bowling lands a takedown. Trujillo escapes again, and he is slowed down on the feet, but still crafty. he lands one here and there in between his wild misses that keeps Bowling at bay. Bowling hits another takedown and looks for a rear naked choke. He has no hooks in though, and Trujillo escapes, Trujillo launches two huge knees to the head before Bowling can stand. The ref breaks it up and deducts a point from Trujillo, good call. Bowling is still down, and his nose is broken. The doctor informs the ref that Bowling can’t continue. Bowling is up, but he is wobbly and asking what happened. No faking here, Bowling cannot continue. Damnit, that was a hell of a fight! I want a rematch!

Roger Bowling and Abel Trujillo fight to a no contest (Bowling cannot continue due to illegal knee)