Middleweight Mark Munoz recently labeled UFC Fight Night 30 foe Michael Bisping’s power being equivalent to that possessed by a man with pillows for fists. Though Munoz’s assessment is fair in the sense “The Count” isn’t known for laying opponents out with single strikes, that’s not to say Bisping can’t pepper Munoz with enough pillow-laden punches to put him to sleep.

Bisping spoke about his match-up with Munoz in a recent interview with Inside MMA where he once again promised to send “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” back into a saddened state after their October effort.

“Here’s the thing – Mark Munoz went out and told everybody that he’s suffering from depression and this and that. Listen, the man needs to get a grip,” said Bisping in standard smack-spewing fashion. “You lost a fight and you had elbow surgery. So what, you went into depression trying to get everybody to feel sorry for you? You got fat, you put weight on in-between fights, and you lost a fight…but you want everyone to feel sorry for you?”

“Were you clinically diagnosed with depression? Were you taking anti-depressants? I guarantee the answer to those questions is no, you weren’t,” he continued. “You lost a fight and you ate too much food. So I’m sorry, if you were depressed before you’re gonna be a lot more depressed on October 27 because on October 26 I’m gonna give you a good beating.”

Munoz bulked up to more than 250 pounds after losing a clash with Chris Weidman and subsequently suffering some health-related woes that kept him out of the cage for a year, saying he ate to help him deal with depression brought on by the situation.

The full conversation with Bisping can be seen below: