For a time, there were few fighters if any more “must see” than then-lightweight Clay Guida (30-13). “The Carpenter” went into the Octagon on a mission to entertain, going all out until the referee stepped in or the final second ticked off the clock. However, Guida has gotten away from that form and lost a few fans in the process, putting together effective but not necessarily eye-opening performances against opponents like Anthony Pettis, Benson Henderson, Gray Maynard, and Hatsu Hioki.

UFC 164 foe Chad Mendes isn’t sure which Guida will show up when the two tussle on August 31, though it’s clear he’ll be ready for either version.

“We’re basically training for all Guidas. There’s the Guida that used to stand and bang and be in your face and all over the place, nonstop. And there’s the Guida that kind of tap-dances around on the outside and is looking to point-win. We’re ready for both, and we put together game plans for both,” said Mendes in an interview with MMAJunkie. “You just never know which one is going to show up.”

Pressed to pick one of the two in terms of who he’ll be more likely to encounter at the event, the 14-1 Mendes went with an aggressive Guida based on some of the criticism surrounding his recent style change.

“The last two (Guida) fights have been pretty much the same – the tap-dance, pitter-patter. This is going to be a tough fight for Guida, and I’m thinking that he’s thinking that. I’m thinking he’s ready for war, and he’s going to get in there and just bring it,” predicted Mendes.

Fans can catch their match-up on the evening’s main card.