UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson may have technically sound striking and possess polished grappling skills but don’t expect top contender Anthony Pettis to be impressed by the title-holder’s arsenal of abilities. The 26-year old challenger is well-rounded in his own right with knockout power to boot and, as he made clear in a recent interview, he’s better than the man currently wearing the belt.

“I beat Ben Henderson once, I can do it again,” said Pettis in a conversation with the UFC promoting his bout with “Bendo” at UFC 164.

“Fighting Ben Henderson, he’s not one of the guys you have to worry about getting knocked out from. Ben Henderson isn’t superior anywhere to me,” he concluded. “I feel I’m better than the champ. I feel I’m the best 155er in the world. I don’t think he’s better than me anywhere and I can beat him at his own game.”

Pettis will attempt to do that on August 31 in front of his hometown fans at the Milwaukee-bound event – a situation he refers to as “fate”. He holds an overall record of 16-2 in comparison to Henderson’s 19-2 mark with each owning a number of impressive past victories against ranked opposition.

The complete interview with Pettis can be found below: