UFC heavyweight Travis Browne has taken to the cage seventeen times and only tasted defeat once in a match-up altered mid-stream by an untimely leg injury. Also impressive, Browne has knocked out Gabriel Gonzaga and most recently Alistair Overeem since the singular stumble, adding to his total of eleven strike-based stoppages. However, don’t expect Browne to bask in any of his past accomplishments.

Browne spoke to MMAFighting shortly after securing his Knockout of the Night finish at UFC Fight Night 26, remaining relatively calm and collected in the wake of winning the biggest bout of his career.

“I’m not trying to take anything away from the experience but this is what we expected. This is what I expected of myself; this is what my coaches expected. Everybody that’s close to me, we knew this is what was gonna happen,” explained Browne. “We didn’t know I was gonna get my butt kicked in the very beginning like that, but the way that I finished the fight – we knew that was gonna happen.”

“I believe I belong in this heavyweight division, and if I believe in myself there’s gonna be nobody that stops me,” he added.

The 31-year old didn’t seem to care much about where the impressive outing put him in the context of title-contendership, taking each test as it comes instead of calling for opportunities he feels he’s owed, not earned.

“To me, numbers are just something next to your name. I’m here to move up in the ranks, keep fighting tough guys, and to challenge myself,” said Browne.

The 15-1-1 Browne’s lone loss came to Antonio Silva. Among the Greg Jackson product’s other TKO victories are those over James McSweeney and Stefan Struve.