UFC President Dana White is a Boston boy through and through. However, he seemed to have come to the grim conclusion the organization he heads was unlikely to end up promoting future events in the city he loves based on the battle being waged between the UFC and culinary union officials. Specifically, the group lobbied to have headliner Chael Sonnen removed from the card for various reasons and got a local politician to lend his weight towards squashing the promotion’s efforts.

With a successful show in the books and no real fallout to speak of, White has reconsidered his stance and feels confident the company’s notorious eight-sided cage will show up again in Bean Town sooner than later.

“First of all I love this city, it’s a great city, it’s a great sports town, and I’ve had a blast since I got here,” explained White to MMAJunkie, dismissing his initial dismay as a result of the stress leading up to UFC Fight Night 26. “I think a lot of good came out of this. We all know, we’ve been through this all week and talking about this, that the union came in here and got some union puppets fired up in this town, and they came after us. But when this whole thing is all resolved, I think everybody in the city of Boston, people like the athletic commission and people who are involved in combat sports here, love this event and want us to come back.”

“We will be back,” he confirmed. “This was a great experience. Don’t let all the stuff that was said earlier this week make you guys think (otherwise). I love this city. This is my city. I love this city. Everything here was a huge success. It was great, and we’ll be back here.”

More than 12,000 people attended UFC Fight Night 26 to witness Sonnen submitting former champion Mauricio Rua in the main event. It was also the organization’s debut on FOX Sports 1.