Here we go in the middleweight division.

Hall vs. Howard

Round One: Hall comes out and takes the shorter Howard to the ground and Howard has control of his wrist. Hall stays in full guard and he’s trying to land ground-and-pound but Howard’s defense is perfect. Hall lets him up and Doomsday lands a hard leg kick. Hall responds with a double jab and a straight right behind it. A spin kick attempt just misses from Hall and Doomsday answers with another heavy leg kick. Both press one another against the fence before breaking apart and a jab from Hall is answered by a Howard leg kick. Howard is deep on a single and Hall is stuffing the head nicely while standing on one leg. They break and Hall lands a few solid strikes before Howard hits him with another kick to the leg. And the round ends.

Round Two: Wild exchanges on the feet lead to Hall going for a takedown that doesn’t work. Howard looks to be turning it up as Hall is backpedaling and not really trying any of his spinning moves. Howard catches a knee by Hall and presses him against the fence and gets the takedown for the rest of the round.

Round Three: A clinch battle sees both men conserving energy as they are winded form the back-and-forth action. Howard gets another takedown. Hall hops to his feet and Howard is staying on him like glue. A glove touch and exchange of words leads to a crazy sequence that sees Hall going for a cartwheel kick and Howard going for a huge leaping punch at the end of the round that looked like it landed.

Result- John Howard by Split Decision

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