Matt Brown and Mike Pyle are on a combined nine-fight win streak in the welterweight division. A big win for either man can certainly put them in position to challenge Georges St. Pierre or Johny Hendricks after UFC 167 in November.

And there was also some crackin’ facebook prelim action right here; and some bouts on FS1 that had some thrilling turnouts, here.

Brown vs Pyle

Round One: Brown opens up with an inside leg kick and Pyle ignores it and presses the action. Brown follows up with a big right hand that grazes Pyle, a head kick followed by an uppercut that puts Pyle on his ass. He’s in trouble! Brown just stands over him like a possessed person and drops down right hands until Pyle stops moving and the refferee calls it. Holy Shit, Matt Brown is a badass!

Matt Brown by knockout (KO) @ :29 seconds of round one


Note: When the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Matt Brown