UFC Fight Night 26: Rua vs. Sonnen Main Card action kicks off in the lightweight division, when the post-fight bonus hunter Joe Lauzon meets the Ultimate Fighter finalist Michael Johnson. Both are coming off tough losses to Jim Miller and Reza Madadi, so you can expect to see an all out war, as they’re looking to cement themselves a spot in the crowded 155-pound category.

If Lauzon and Johnson put on a standout performance tonight, then it will be a record-breaking bonus for Lauzon, as he’s now tied with Anderson Silva at 10 post-fight bonuses. For Johnson, a third straight loss can send him packing his bags and headed to Bellator.

There was also some crackin’ facebook prelim action right here; and some bouts on FS1 that had some thrilling turnouts, here.

Lauzon vs. Johnson

Round One: Both fighters start out gauging the distance and neither fighter wants to make an early mistake. Lauzon has the center but Johnson is leading with strikes. Lauzon counters well with a two punch combo that could have hurt Johnson if they were landed any harder. Johnson catches Joe clean with a heavy left and Lauzon is diving for the takedown. They return to the center and Johnson is all over Lauzon with uppercuts and straight lefts. Lauzon gets popped again and he falls to the ground. Johnson tries to finish but Lauzon is too tough for his own good. Johnson wants no part of Joe’s sub game and he calls for Lauzon to stand up again. Johnson drops Lauzon again before the round ends. This could be a sad night for all of you “J-Lau” fans out there.

Round Two: They restart in the middle for the second round and Lauzon’s face is already showing signs of being in a three-round war after only five minutes of fighting. Lauzon is looking for the takedown but Johnson shrugs it off with ease so Lauzon tries his luck standing with Johnson, who is looking like he’s losing steam, and Lauzon is turning it up. Left hook lands for Lauzon and Johnson answers with a series of uppercuts. It’s Lauzon’s ability to absorb punishment versus Johnson’s gas tank at this point in the fight. More striking exchanges form the two and Lauzon keeps pressing the action  and it’s Johnson who scores a takedown along the fence at the end of the round.

Round Three: Johnson picks up where he left off in round two as he lands a left and a knee behind it. Johnson repeats for the remainder of the round until Lauzon’s eye is almost swollen shut. Both of his eyes are black & blue and I almost feel bad for him, but upsets are just too good.

Results- Michael Johnson by unanimous decision