Faber vs. Alcantara

Round One: Alcantara immediately grabs a hold of Faber and tosses him to the ground like a beast and advances to full mount! Big punches by Alcantara. This one could be over quickly with a huge upset. Alcantara goes for the armbar and Faber counters with a leg lock, but the Brazilian isn’t letting that happen. Alcantara on his back and proceeds to pepper away at Faber from top. Faber tries to get up and power out and almost ends up in a triangle. Faber gets free and starts to land before the bell sounds

Round Two: Faber gets the takedown after a few strikes are landed by Alcantara. Some strong elbows from Faber are landed on Alcantara but he doesn’t seem phased. Faber’s thinking about his signature guillotine choke. Alcantara gets to his feet and they trade punches and kicks for the rest of round 2.

Round Three: They continue the fight standing and no real damage is done in the early going of the third stanza. Faber again gets Alcantara to the ground and smothers him with punches and short elbows. Alcantara attempting to roll Faber, but the Cali kid is just too strong on top. The round ends and they embrace. Awwww…

Result- Urijah Faber by unanimous decision

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