Sonnen vs. Rua

Round One: Sonnen charges Shogun and gets him down briefly before Rua stands back up and against the cage. Shogun surprisingly gets a takedown and Sonnen goes for a guillotine but uses it to roll Shogun. They’re back up to their feet and Sonnen takes Rua back down to land some ground-and-pound. The shots from top by Sonnen aren’t really causing any significant damage. But they are still breaking Rua down little by little. Rua has had enough and again goes to make his way to his feet when Sonnen locks ahold of a standing guillotine and drops down. IT’S LOCKED! Shogun tries to push down on Sonnen’s shoulder to relief the stress. But it’s too late now, he taps! Sonnen just submitted Shogun with a guillotine choke. NO JOKE!

Result- Chael Sonnen by guillotine choke @ 4:47 of round one

There was also some crackin’ facebook prelim action right here; and some bouts on FS1 that had some thrilling turnouts, here.