UFC Fight Night 26 on Fox Sports 1 will feature an eight man prelim card that has some knockout punchers and savvy submission fighters set to face off for bragging rights in both the featherweight and bantamweight divisions. A former WEC featherweight champion, an Ultimate Fighter winner, the last man to challenge Renan Barao for the interim bantamweight belt, and a hyped Irishman will all feature on the FS1 Prelim fights against top competition.

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Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1:Pineda comes out storming and tries to take Brandao down with no success.  Brandao makes him pay for it with kicks and a big knee. Pineda takes it and the two trade leather that gets the crowd going. Brandao is tagging Pineda at will and Pineda is just absorbing  it all. This fight is moving way too fast! Brandao continues to stun Pineda and briefly lands in his guard before changing his mind. Brandao takes him down but Pineda returns to his feet and they trade punches and kicks until the round ends.

Round 2: The action continues on the feet before Brandao secures the takedown. Pineda is active off his back going for triangles and omaplatas, Brandao senses danger and they reset standing. They exchange big shots before Brandao gets another takedown on Pineda, this time Pineda sweeps Brandao after a Kimura attempt and heavy ground-and-pound is on the way! Brandao looks hopeless from bottom but regains halfguard and works for full guard before attempting submissions himself, but he’s way too slow and Pineda is too pumped up to get caught from the guard. A heel hook looks close for Brandao, but Pineda shakes him off and stays in top position for the remainder of the round.

Round 3: Brandao comes out and gets the takedown on Pineda and is weary of the sweep this time. Brandao lets him up only to take him right back down. Pineda makes his way up and they exchange a few big shots before Brandao secures another big takedown. Little action has the ref stand them up. Pineda goes for crazy kicks while Brandao stays composed and throws straight rights down the pipe. A taxing fight and both guys have little left in the tank. They trade strikes until the bell sounds. Slow end to a high-paced fight.

Results– Diego Brandao by unanimous decision

Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler

Round 1: Both fighters trade low kicks and Brown goes wild for the early knock out and Siler lands a uppercut that drops Brown. Siler looking to pick his shots and lands a clean strike while Brown is down. Brown is done and the referee rescues him from further punishment. 

Results- Steven Siler by knockout @ :50 seconds of round one

Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway

Round 1: Huge reception in the arena for the fighting Irishman Conor McGregor as he makes his way to the cage. Fight begins and McGregor starts with the flashy kicks from all angles and Holloway looks out of his element. Mcgregor mixing it up front leg side kicks to the leg of Holloway and his punches seem a lot more powerful than the much younger Holloway is throwing. McGregor continues to dazzle the crowd as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Holloway is bewildered as McGregor continues working punches and kicks from every angle. McGregor is taunting Holoway in order to gt him to open up for some heavy strikes to land on the mark, but Holloway doesn’t play into his trap. McGregor find the target with a straight left anyway that floors Holloway and McGregor gets some good ground-and-pound before the round ends.

Round 3: McGregor goes for a takedown off a Holloway right hand and he gets it with relative ease. The 21-year old Holloway is offering little resistance as McGregor advances position. Holloway gets back to his feet after McGregor was going for mount, but it doesn’t last long up top before McGregor takes him right back down. McGregor is looking for heavy ground-and-pound before Holloway finds his way back up again. Big kicks by McGregor to finish the round and it looks like he takes this easy.

But no 60 Grand Bonus

Results- Conor McGregor by unanimous decision

Brad Pickett vs. Michael McDonald

Round 1: McDonald might have the body of a teenage boy who gets wedgies and swirlys in junior high, but the guy knows how to land punches. First round and it’s looking like they’re gonna stand up and bang this one out. McDonald lands a clean shot and Pickett is hurt. McDonald starts swarming with all kinds of punches. Pickett keeps his composure but has nothing to offer McDonald in close. Pickett is down again after a head kick and right hand by McDonald as he pounces on him for the finish. Pickett has to be the toughest dude I’ve ever seen in the UFC. McDonald is landing shots at will but Pickett stays up for the rest of the round.

Round 2: Pickett knows he can’t take much more of this beating and ducks under to secure the takedown. Pickett in full guard here and he’s working some ground-and-pound but McDonald is showing solid defense off his back. Pickett remains in the guard and McDonald hoists up a triangle choke that forces the tap.

Results- Michael McDonald by triangle choke @ 3:43 of round two

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