TONIGHT! The Octagon will spend the evening  in “Beantown” to launch mainstream mixed martial arts on the new network of FOX Sports 1 for UFC Fight Night 26: Sonnen vs. Shogun. The fight card will kick off with the three Facebook Preliminary bouts at the bottom of the lineup.

– Ramsey Nijem vs. James Vick:

Round 1: Fight begins and Nijem opens up with an inside leg kick that misses. Nijem goes to close the distance and Vick is having none of it as he shrugs him of easily. Nijem latches on to a single leg and Vick sprawls nicely. Nijem holds onto the single leg and stands up to press Vick against the fence. Vick is down for a split second before he makes his way back to his feet and against the fence. Nijem is relentless on this takedown as he wants no part of standing exchanges with the much taller Vick. Nijem doesn’t let go of the leg and Vick locks ahold of a standing guillotine. It looks tight! Nijem drops to his knees and Vick isn’t letting go, Nijem to his back and there’s the tap out

Result- James Vick by guillotine choke @ :58 seconds of round one

– Ovince St. Preux vs. Cody Donovan:

Round 1: OSP starts with big punches and Donovan manages to close the distance and press Preux against the fence and works some light knees from the clinch. Donovan goes for a trip but OSP doesn’t allow it to happen and Donovan goes back to work with the knees in close. OSP controls his wrist well to prevent Donovan from getting the body lock. Downovan throws a few hammerfists to OSP’s head and gets the takedown. Preux reverses and winds up in the guard position before unleashing a barrage of strikes that force the stoppage.

Result- Ovince St. Preux by Technical Knockout (TKO) @ 2:07 of round one

– Manny Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller:

Round 1:Miller with a distinct height advantage over his fellow TUF season 5 cast mate and the bout starts standing. Gamburyan goes for low kicks and Miller stays using his long jab to keep Gamburyan on the outside. Gamburyan stays ineffective up until he gets Miller against the fence and lands a nice takedown. Miller has nothing from bottom and Gamburyan looks to be using his chest as a pillow pet.  Miller makes his way to his feet before landing some grazing elbows that has the short Armenian looking dizzy as the bell sounds to end round one.

Miller seemed to have be keeping Gamburyan from falling to the canvas, and Gamburyan gets an extra bit of time (who really cares since there’s been two fights that have only lasted a minute so far? Let ’em take a breather if he needs one!), so he can clear his head for round two.

Round 2: Gamburyan seems okay and the start of round two sees both fighters exchanging heavy strikes until Gamburyan again goes for the tackle. Miller is having none of it and slashes his bald head with some sharp elbows on the fence. Gamburyan’s head is starting to stream blood but he gets the takedown anyway. Miller makes his way up and Gamburyan gets the takedown again before Miller makes his way up before the round ends.

Round 3: Gamburyan lands a big right that doesn’t seem to phase Miller at all. Miller lands a huge knee and Gamburyan answers with another takedown. Miller moving constantly from the bottom but Gamburyan is just too strong inside his guard. Miller partially makes his way up from the ground but a relentless Gamburyan throws him to his back to continue the slow and steady smothering for the rest of the fight

Result– Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision

Stick around for more Live full fight results for complete prelim and main card action of UFC on FS1 in Boston.