Former UFC No. 1 contender Chael Sonnen isn’t bashful when it comes to admitting his truths.

Sonnen, who faces Mauricio “Shogun” Rua tonight at UFC Fight Night 26, told Fight Magazine! recently that he was already looking ahead to his next fight.

While that may come as a surprise to most, Sonnen further explained his reason behind doing so.

“You can be a chess player and look a few moves ahead, or you can be a checkers player and be like everybody else,” he said. “I personally look past all my fights. I try not to look at only one fight. Looking past a guy is one way to get your mind on the matter at hand.”

Ever-the-interesting-figure, Sonnen continued, saying, “It just depends on the athlete. Some like to really get zeroed in; I’m a tournament guy. I grew up as a wrestler, taking on five, six guys in one day. Looking ahead is standard when you’re in a bracket.”

Sonnen is expected to return to the middleweight division after facing Rua, but he back-tracked on those thoughts earlier this week, saying he wasn’t too interested in cutting weight again.