UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is only 26 but even he knows his time at the top of the sport is limited. In reality, the human body can only take so much abuse before it weakens, resulting in very few Mixed Martial Artists competing at a high level after the age of 35. As such, Jones has already started looking at life beyond the Octagon and got a glimpse of what could be during a recent visit to Hollywood.

Jones spoke about the experience with Rick J. Lee where he made it clear his interest had been piqued.

“With the right training and things I could possibly be in some movies in the future,” said Jones. “Right now I’m doing pretty good in my field which is the martial arts world, and to branch out and get my feet wet there, maybe prepare myself for a career after this career…I think it’s all going according to plan.”

When asked if he envisioned himself as an action star based on his chosen profession, Jones admitted the chances were high of him at least being type-cast as such. However, he went on to mention the path Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had taken from WWE Superstar to one of the box office’s biggest draws.

“I would like to model my acting career after Dwayne Johnson, the way he just came out of WWE and started off with tough guy roles and then moved over to doing The Tooth Fairy,” admitted Johnson. “That’s when you really saw he could act. He’s someone I admire and respect a lot.”

For now, Jones will focus on defending his title for a sixth straight time. His next match-up is scheduled to take place at UFC 165 with streaking Swede Alexander Gustafsson serving as his adversary.