The common belief regarding UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier’s decision to move down to 205 pounds after an October 19 effort against Roy Nelson relates to his close friend and training partner, Cain Velasquez, holding his current division’s title. However, Cormier recently revealed his interest in shedding weight has more to do with his future as a father and husband than that in the Octagon.

“I don’t want to fight Cain, but I also would like to start living life a little healthier. I’ve got kids now,” explained Cormier on this week’s edition of UFC Tonight. “I want to try and live healthier for my kids, for my family. I want to live a longer life, a healthier life, so I’m going to go down regardless.”

As such, the 5’11” Cormier isn’t considering Junior dos Santos as an option even if “Cigano” defeats Velasquez at UFC 166. He’s also not looking to discuss a fight with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones out of respect for Nelson and, perhaps, some fatigue relating to the topic.

“I’m not going to discuss Jon Jones anymore,” said Cormier. “I’ve got a very tough guy in front of me right now, very deserving, very hard fight for me.”

Fans can follow the 12-0 Cormier’s descent into a smaller division thanks to a website he set up called Get Fit with DC.

Check out the complete interview below: