UFC middleweight great Anderson Silva isn’t looking past his December 28 rematch with champion Chris Weidman for obvious reasons. After all, discounting the individual who delivered Silva’s first loss in the Octagon as well as the first knockout of the Brazilian’s storied career would be nothing short of stupid. However, that’s not to say Silva doesn’t have other opponents he’s interested in eventually facing.

In a pair of conversations captured by MMAFighting, Silva admitted he hadn’t dismissed the idea of bouts with Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre even if others have including UFC President Dana White.

“I really wanted this fight to happen. He’s a guy that plays by the rules, doesn’t take too many risks,” said Silva in an interview with Brazilian radio show Panico, pointing to the stylistic difference between his approach at GSP’s. “That fight may happen, or maybe not. He said he doesn’t want it, I don’t know. I’ll train and remain focused to fight on December 28.”

St-Pierre, who is welterweight champion, has balked at the idea of battling Silva before based on the size difference and need to add on bulk, possibly having a permanent effect on his career.

Silva also told Globo he wanted to meet Jones at some point down the road, giving fans what they’ve been asking for since “Bones” emerged as a legitimate force. The light heavyweight king is 18-1 and looked nearly unbeatable against all of his adversaries thus far.

“The Spider” won’t have to worry about either duel developing without success against Weidman at UFC 168. Their match-up last month featured Weidman dominating most phases of the fight, eventually stopping Silva with strikes when the veteran’s showmanship exposed his chin to a few stiff shots.