UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo appeared to be on track to pick up another victory when an unfortunate situation unfolded in the Octagon, adding an asterisk to an otherwise impressive performance against Chan Sung Jung. In the fourth frame of their headlining fight at UFC 163, “The Korean Zombie” jacked his shoulder up on an errant strike and was quickly finished off while trying to deal with a serious injury.

Aldo spoke about the victory to Fuel TV after the event where he expressed regret over the way the result came about though he wasn’t necessarily apologetic for exiting the ring with his title-reign intact.

“I told his coaches I was sorry it ended that way. He was getting better in the fight and it wasn’t the best way to finish, but I won the fight,” said Aldo, dismissing questions about whether or not his energy was fading as the clash continued on. “I knew I was winning the first three rounds. I slowed down so I wouldn’t expose myself. I hold the belt right now, and people always think that I get tired, but my cardio is great.”

The 23-1 Aldo also addressed discussion on his next move, admitting lightweight was still a possibility depending on the UFC matchmaking team’s mindset.

“I don’t know. That’s up to Joe Silva, but I would move up to 155,” confirmed Aldo.

The UFC 163 victory was Aldo’s sixteenth straight and fifth consecutive defense of the divisional belt. Additionally, the performance marked the fourteenth TKO of his career.