UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy appeared to have a huge opportunity in front of him in the form of a fight against top contender Vitor Belfort against the backdrop of Brazil. Of course, the match-up ultimately never materialized after Belfort turned the tilt down, stating he would only fight at 185 pounds if the belt was on the line.

Though the change might have left some fighters feeling blue, Kennedy recently revealed he was actually relieved to not be battling Belfort.

“I wasn’t thrilled about fighting Vitor in Brazil,” admitted Kennedy to Bleacher Report before elaborating on his reasons. “I’ve always been vocal about being against TRT…I had mixed feelings about fighting him in Brazil. It’s his legacy. He can do what he wants. But I think it demeans the sport when he uses performance-enhancing drugs.”

When it comes to the kind of opponents Kennedy is seeking action against, he offered up a general description in addition to one specific name.

“After fighting a Strikeforce guy, I want to fight a long-standing UFC guy. I’d love to fight anybody with a rich history within the sport that’s been a fighter for a long time.” said Kennedy. “To get matched up with Wanderlei Silva, an iconic hero of mine, that’s the kind of fight I want.”

Kennedy is 16-4 with wins in his last two outings including a recent decision over Roger Gracie. Thirteen of his victories have featured some form of finish.