The feud between light heavyweight Tito Ortiz and UFC President Dana White was well-documented during the fighter’s prime. Though it appeared they had worked out their personal differences in recent years, comments from White regarding Ortiz’s interest in ending his retirement tell a different tale.

Specifically, White criticized Ortiz’s lackluster performances leading up to his decision to call it a career while also alleging the former champion’s motivation for a comeback was driven by the fighter being broke.

Ortiz has since responded to White’s comments where he questioned his one-time employer’s attitude about the matter, throwing in a passive-aggressive jab or two as well.

“It sucks that Dana White still has to say bad things about me. One year has passed and still attacks me,” wrote Ortiz on Twitter. “I don’t feel I have to attack him in any way. I hope one day he will get over it. Must suck to sleep at night thinking about me.”

Ortiz retired a little over a year ago after a fifteen-year career filled with highs and lows (as well as a number of injury issues). The 38-year old walked away from MMA with a 16-11-1 record.