UFC star Michael Bisping has been a staple of the middleweight division for the past five years, fighting fourteen times at 185 pounds including a handful of headlining match-ups. However, as longtime fans know, “The Count” came into the organization as a light heavyweight where he won his bracket on the Ultimate Fighter 3. Though Bisping plans on sticking around at middleweight for the next few fights, it looks like an eventual return to 205 could be in the cards as long as he remains healthy enough to keep competing.

“The UFC have never asked me to do that, but it’s certainly something I would consider,” said the 34-year old to MMASentinel when asked about beefing back up. “I had a very good career at light heavyweight. I was 15-1, and my only loss was a very close split decision to Rashad Evans. It’s certainly something I would consider, especially now that I have a lot more knowledge on nutrition. If I was to go back to light heavyweight, I could go in a lot bigger and stronger than what I have been in the past. It’s definitely something that’s on my mind, and maybe as I start getting a bit older, and middleweight gets a little harder to get to … Then yeah, sure, it’s something I will consider.”

For now, Bisping is focused on a potential meeting with Mark Munoz that’s been rumored for an October event in England. When asked about the tilt, the brash Brit said nothing was official yet but he was definitely open to the bout.

“Nothing is signed yet, so I can’t confirm whether that is my next opponent. If it is, then I will welcome it, because it will definitely be a great fight, but I don’t know for sure if it is yet,” explained Bisping before offering up his thoughts on Munoz’s latest effort.

“Regarding his last fight, Mark Munoz looked fantastic. You can’t take that away from him. Tim Boetsch is a tough guy, and had a good first round, but in rounds two and three Munoz completely controlled the fight. He threw him around like a ragdoll, he controlled him, he took him down, he got some good ground and pound and I thought he looked fantastic. I thought he looked really, really good. He looked like a contender for the title,” assessed Bisping. “That said, on the flip-side, Tim Boetsch, while being a very, very tough fighter, kind of plays into Munoz’s style a little bit. Boetsch plods, he’s not exactly the most graceful footwork artist in the UFC. He kind of just walks straight forward, and that plays right into Mark Munoz’s hands. So he kind of gave Munoz the victory in that respect, but nevertheless it was a fantastic victory and a great performance.”

Bisping holds an overall record of 24-5 with eighteen finishes including fourteen TKOs. He was last seen scoring a Unanimous Decision nod against Alan Belcher in April.