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Georges St-Pierre stands by Rory MacDonald’s performance at UFC on FOX 8

Georges St-Pierre stands by Rory MacDonald’s performance at UFC on FOX 8

UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald has been the subject of criticism over the past few days based on his tentative approach to taking on Jake Ellenberger at UFC on FOX 8. Though MacDonald had finished the bulk of his bouts entering the affair, he elected to counter-strike with Ellenberger rather than engage on his own and risk eating a sequence of stiff shots, earning a yawn-inducing decision win as a result.

While plenty of people had a problem with MacDonald’s performance, 170-pound champion Georges St-Pierre had the opposite opinion.

“He shouldn’t care about the critics. You don’t brawl with a brawler,” said St-Pierre in an interview with The Canadian Press. “It was up to Ellenberger to open up and take more risk because he was losing and he didn’t. Rory fought a great fight.”

In fairness, St-Pierre is also a friend, training partner, and mentor to the 24-year old MacDonald. He too has been targeted in the past by detractors for approaching opponents with similar caution and equally excellent results.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I am siding with GSP here, I know it wasnt the most exciting thing ever but why should he have to go out there and risk getting hit by one of the hardest hitters in the division just to make Dana happy, he was in complete control and really if Jake couldnt exicute any offense why put your chin out there just to make people happy? Would anybody with a potential title shot on the line and double your money acually say oh well I am easily winning this fight but lets make the promoter happy and abandon my gameplan and just stand in front of this guy winging punches. Silly.

  • MickeyC says:

    But he did not say he was impressed by his performance.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    if jake could ve done the same thing he would ve.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i just don’t get the mentality of knowing you are going into a fight to ONLY throw a jab, thats it, nothing else, no leg kicks, no take downs, no clinch, no overhands, no body shots, no hooks, no uppercuts. i understand it won him the fight, but point fighting will never win me over.
    the one thing i would love to see more of in MMA, more than anything else, is more draws. If neither guy wants to engage, neither guy can create any kind of damage, then call it a draw, forget about it and move on.
    Dont get me wrong i think Jake was fuck awful as well, but if two guys sign to fight and don’t do that, neither should be rewared.
    no win bonus, nothing

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m still confused why Ellenberger didn’t try and throw a few kicks, how far Rory was sticking that lead leg out there, at least try a few throws at it.

  • stone says:

    That’s fine, u wanna jab ur way to a win….but if he would’ve finished Jake impressively, he would’ve earned a for sure shot at the belt…. Sounds like he doesnt want to fight GSP anyways…….why the hell is he fighting at WW? He’s big enough to fight MW?


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