When UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo (22-1) was first presented with action against lightweight Anthony Pettis he seemed hesitant, expressing confusion over an athlete jumping over other contenders without any success to speak of as a 145er. However, Aldo opened up to the idea once he was given a guarantee the same would be true for him at 155 pounds if successful against Pettis.

Though Pettis is out of the bout and has since been replaced by Chan Sung Jung, it is believed Also will still have the option to challenge for lightweight gold if so desired. Aldo has long been considered a larger-than-normal 145-pounder who has to cut an uncomfortable amount of weight to make the required mark.

While the opportunity is undoubtedly appealing, Aldo recently said he isn’t putting any energy into the possibility.

“I want to focus on my fight, then we’ll worry about a potential move,” explained Aldo earlier today in a conference call with media. “I don’t want to take too big of a step. I respect my opponent.”

With his sights set squarely on “The Korean Zombie”, Also is confident in his ability to handle Jung even if the scrap was presented to him on short notice.

“I was already in the groove. I was prepared and I had to make a few adjustments, but I feel fine,” Aldo stated when asked about how the change affected his camp.

Aldo’s outing against Jung is scheduled to headline UFC 163 on August 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.