Sylvester Stallone. Jason Statham. Jackie Chan. Chuck Norris. Jet Li. Jean-Claude Van Damme. Bruce Willis. Randy Couture. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ronda Rousey?!?

There’s no question the UFC bantamweight champion’s star has been on the rise over the past two years and it appears she’s finally ready to play with the big boys. According to a Tweet from Stallone, “Rowdy” Ronda has joined the aforementioned names as a member of the Expendables franchise and will serve as one of the stars in the third entry.

Details were not provided on how large her role will be, what she’ll be playing, or what sort of time commitment will be required. Regardless, Rousey is officially part of a very successful series. The first Expendables movie made over $270,000,000 worldwide with the sequel bringing in over $300,000,000.

Rousey, who recently finished filming TUF 18, is currently busy preparing for a December 28 tilt with Miesha Tate. The 26-year old superstar is currently 7-0 with all of her wins stemming from an opening round Armbar.