UFC light heavyweight legend Tito Ortiz recently teased the possibility of returning to the ring despite retiring more than a year ago, citing his improved health and the itch to compete again as factors in his decision. Fortunately for Ortiz, he already has one individual who appears more than willing to lock horns with him in the Octagon and he also happens to be a retired UFC Hall of Famer as well.

Stephan Bonnar, who was inducted earlier this month based on his historic Ultimate Fighter Finale fight with Forrest Griffin, didn’t take too kindly to some comments from Ortiz questioning his spot in the organization’s HoF and took it a step further by directing a handful of personal jabs at Ortiz during a recent exchange with a fan.

“I’m just gonna call it like it is, I’m gonna help him out. We all know he’s broke. We know Jenna Jameson took all his money. You know, Punishment Clothing, the only people I see wearing that nowadays are homeless people. The management company, you know – not making any money there,” said Bonnar with a chuckle in a video captured by APE12A. “So I’m gonna help the poor guy get paid.”

Though the remarks are the first time “The American Psycho” has expressed interest in coming back to compete, the fan-favorite is certainly healthy enough to do so if desired. Bonnar retired in late 2012 after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs after a short-notice scrap with Anderson Silva.

On paper, the match-up would certainly appear to be an even one. Bonnar is 15-8 with ten finishes, while Ortiz compiled a 16-11-1 record in his career including wins over  Griffin, Ryan Bader, and Vitor Belfort.