Six months ago, UFC middleweight Mark Munoz came to grips with the fact he’d put on more than 50 pounds of flab while dealing with a bout of depression brought on by inactivity and injury. Rather than consider a return to light heavyweight or give up on his career in general, the 35-year old sucked it up and started working his tail off in the gym.

Fast-forward to UFC 162, and not only did Munoz show up in shape for his bout with Tim Boetsch but he came healthier than he’d ever been.

“The day of weigh-ins I only cut four pounds,” said Munoz in an interview with Fightline. “I cut it in an hour, I was done, and I was feeling amazing. I went to weigh-ins and I saw everybody like…in pain. And I was like bouncing around, like “Oooh yeah! I feel good, finally!’”

“And that was the culmination of losing 61 pounds and another 15 pounds on top of that, so that’s 76 pounds total in 5 1/2 months,” he concluded.

Munoz credited his diet as having a huge impact on his ability to make weight in such an impressive manner, saying he’d finally realized his old practice of starving himself during fight-week to make 185 pounds had hindered his success. The practice clearly paid off, as “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” went on to beat Boestch by way of Unanimous Decision.

Check out the complete interview with Munoz below: