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Hector Lombard admits he’d rather be a middleweight

Hector Lombard admits he’d rather be a middleweight

Former Bellator middleweight champ Hector Lombard terrorized opponents over a five-year span before signing with the UFC where he promptly went 1-2 with a pair of Split Decision stumbles. As a result, Lombard decided to move to 170 pounds based on the belief he’d excel in a division his body is more naturally suited for. However, Lombard recently made it clear the drop didn’t come without pressure from his employers.

“The UFC wanted me to go to 170. They believe that I would perform better at 170 than 185. I have to do what the bosses say, you know? Can’t argue with the bosses,” said Lombard in an interview with The MMA Hour, adding, “They said I’m too small for 185 and I would be better at 170. I try to convince, but Joe Silva was taking, ‘no, no, no, I don’t want you at 185.’ So I have to do what he says.”

While Lombard has been able to shed the required weight, he’s not necessarily happy about it even though he believes his speed and endurance will improve based on his slimmer physique.

“If it were to be up for me, I would stay at 185,” confessed Lombard before acknowledging he has to play the hand he’s been dealt. “I have to be disciplined…I’ve been training hard and I think I’ll be able to make it and I think I’ll be able to perform better.”

Lombard (32-4-1) will make his welterweight debut on October 19 at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas where he’s scheduled to meet Nate Marquardt  (32-12-2).

  • AlphaOmega says:

    He could of said no, Frankie did for a long time until he dropped two in a row.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    That would work Alpha if he wasn’t 1-2 since coming over to the UFC. I think he fits better at 170lbs

  • raker says:

    I don’t always like it when guys drop down as they can look too thinned out. Belfort, Swick, Bisping, Marquardt, Diego are all fighters that come to mind that were strong and effective at higher weights but lost muscle mass in dropping down. Most are still good fighters but have had mixed results. A guy like Lombard relies on his strength so it’ll be interesting to see if he can be as effective at WW.

  • MCM says:

    I hear ya, raker. But I wouldn’t put Bisping and Marquardt on that list. Bisping always looked kinda pudgy at LHW and Marquardt looks the same to me only bigger cause he’s fighting smaller guys. Unlike someone like Diego or Sexyama, I think Lombard is going to look closer to what he does now. Swick, James Irving, Kenflo are all examples of guys that looked awful cutting too much weight. But others like Cote, Kampmann, and Bisping are all guys that had success at higher weights but just look better in a lower weight class. Hopefully Lombard (and maybe Palhares) go that route.

  • raker says:

    Ya…. Bisping never really had excess muscle mass but I thought he looked strong and a lot thicker at LHW. I didn’t see him as pudgy. To me, Marquardt looks way skinnier. His shoulders, arms and chest have lost mass IMO. I do agree that many guys look better at a lower weight and I suppose that we’ll have to see how it effects Lombard. Most of this changing of classes seems to happen from MW to LW which creates some pretty exciting match ups potentially.


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