Anyone who has been coming to Five Ounces of Pain for more than a few days understands our community boasts some of the best readers on the MMA landscape. While some sites settle for online trolls and uninformed debate, our crew of loyal followers fill the bottom part of our pages up with interesting ideas, well-thought out points, and of course the occasional laugh.

In that latter spirit, we’ve been running a daily piece featuring a picture pulled from our catalog of USA Today images for our creative faithful to have some fun with by offering up an insightful or downright hilarious caption in the Comments section. As promised, with it being Sunday, the best ones have been pulled for one final retrospective. Enjoy, and make sure to chip in next week to have your own handiwork potentially shown!

MMA: UFC 150-Lentz vs Mitsuoka










“I forgot what I was suppose to be doing right now.” – AlphaOmega

MMA: UFC 158-St.Pierre vs Diaz







“Settle down Rogan! Alright, I’ll keep my f**king hands off your stash!” – raker

MMA: UFC on FX 5-John Dodson VS Jussier Formiga










“Moments later the press conference fell apart when Dodson saw Gargamel in the front row.” – darth_irritable








“Yea and the prophet stepped forth from Hilo, to deliver the gospel of violence unto the masses, except for the Tristar team, for they art the perpetrators of evil. And Vaseline.” – darth_irritable

MMA: UFC TUF 17 Finale-Faber vs Jorgensen







“Don’t worry little dude. You drink your water and we’ll find your momma.” – ScreenPlaya

MMA: UFC on FOX 5-Edwards vs Stephens







“And at that moment, Edwards learned how Stephens came by the nickname ‘Lil Heathen’.” – MCM