When comparing the records of UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo and title-contender Chan Sung Jung, the two fighters appear to be polar opposites as far as the way in which each operates. Aldo owns thirteen knockouts in comparison to only two submissions, while Jung has eight tap-outs to his credit but only three strike-based stoppages. However, “The Korean Zombie” doesn’t feel such statistics are truly indicative of how his stand-up matches up with Aldo’s.

“We are similar in terms of striking. Many people think Aldo is superior to me in striking, but I don’t think so,” said Jung in a recent interview with the UFC. “The biggest difference is Aldo’s power in his striking. My style is (about) weakening my opponent little by little. Aldo does it with one big knockout strike.”

Though Jung appears to be comfortable going toe-to-toe with Aldo, the 13-3 challenger will no doubt be targeting takedowns throughout the tilt.

“I think he has a weakness on the ground,” assessed the 26-year old. “I will be pushing for it.”

Aldo’s outing against Jung is set to serve as the main event at UFC 163. The event is scheduled for August 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The full interview with Jung can be seen below: