Though no news has surfaced relating to heavyweight Roy Nelson (19-8) signing a new UFC deal, he and divisional peer Daniel Cormier haven’t slowed down on their shared attempt to secure October action against one another. Both big men have talked a bit of playful trash online and now they’ve taken it a step further by creating an informal bout agreement for a fight at UFC 166.

Cormier started the exchange, producing a handwritten deal on a piece of notebook paper and posting it on Twitter. The unbeaten grappler also added a bit of friendly ribbing by including the phrase “No Point” in the area assigned to Nelson’s “Win Money”.

Before long, Nelson produced a copy of his own with his signature added into the mix, sending a Tweet out shortly thereafter stating, “What are you waiting for, Uncle Dana White’s permission? Because I am ready!! Just in case you missed it.”

Nelson was last seen absorbing a ton of strikes from Stipe Miocic in a match-up he took on short notice. The loss laid waste to a three-fight winning streak for the big-bellied brawler. Comparably, Cormier is 12-0 and brought home a decision victory over Frank Mir last April in his Octagon debut.

UFC 166 is scheduled for October 19 in Houston, Texas.