UFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson was one of the first fighters to come forward and admit he was undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy. However, the 42-year old’s name was noticeably absent from a recent report on drug tests relating to UFC 161 where he suffered a Split Decision defeat to Rashad Evans, as the athletic commission overseeing the event revealed no request for a Therapeutic Use Exemption pertaining to TRT was received from Henderson’s camp.

Henderson shed some light on the situation in recent interview with MMAJunkie, explaining the choice was not necessarily one made of free will.

“It didn’t look like they would approve it, so I just quit taking the testosterone. I stopped about six to eight weeks out,” Henderson explained. “I was told by my doctor that wouldn’t be a problem at all. I wasn’t using that much, anyway.”

“I didn’t feel too big of a difference. I was a little tired here and there, but that’s not too different from all my other training camps,” he continued, comparing his level of fitness with TRT to that without. “My last couple camps, I’ve been having some problems with my chest, some asthma. As a kid, I had exercise-induced asthma, and I felt the testosterone made a difference there. But who knows?

“It’s hard to tell. I never noticed a huge difference. I just know my doctor says it’s healthier for me. I know I was getting sick less often when taking TRT, and I seemed to have more energy,” he added. “A lot of people seem to think if you’re on TRT, it’s like a wonder drug and you’re automatically going to win fights, or you don’t have to work hard. But I work my ass off with or without it.”

The 29-10 Henderson concluded things by stating he’d resumed his previous practice of TRT treatment and hoped to get in another bout before the end of 2013. With his loss to Evans being his second straight, “Hendo” will be out to avoid the first three-fight skid of his sixteen-year career when he collides with his next opponent.