If you think UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman’s impressive finish of Anderson Silva was the result of a ten-fight run in the ring or time on the mat as an All-American wrestler at Hofstra University, you’re only partially right. Rather, Weidman’s journey to the top of the division was 29 years in the making; a culmination of lessons he learned inside the training room and out.

Weidman’s father, Charlie Weidman, recently spoke to CagedInsider about his son’s win at UFC 162 at festivities attached to a now-official “Chris Weidman Day” in Baldwin, New York, explaining he’s not only satisfied seeing his son achieve his dream but do so as a stand-up guy in more ways than one.

“All parents, they wish the best for their kids. You watch so many things that happen in their lives and you want all those things to accumulate to making your kids successful. Sometimes all you do is get caught up in the fear of the trauma and the adversities of life. You can’t envision all those adversities and traumas can lead to a place, as it did with Chris, to where you can be a champion,” said the reflective Weidman. “Along with all of this victory, he’s still that soft-spoken, heart-of-gold, looking-out-for-other-people young man that I knew that he would be. If it was anything else than that, the belt would actually be meaningless to me. It would actually impede him from being the good man that he could be.”

“I just hope all this accumulation can really do something a benefit to somebody somewhere else,” he concluded. “I wish my son to be not only a champion in the UFC but I expect him to be a champion in life.”

The full interview with the fighter’s proud papa can be seen below: