It’s been more than a year since middleweight Jason Miller stepped into the ring, calling it quits on his career after losing a decision to C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146 and subsequently getting cut by the promotion. Since then, “Mayhem” has definitely been in the news, though not for reasons relating to his MMA career. Rather, Miller was arrested in a bizarre incident involving a church being vandalized (he was later cleared), also making headlines for a handful of strange interviews and his recent quest to call out UFC President Dana White over the way fighters are treated.

The 32-year old was back at it this week, telling My FOX LA he had to deal with some health-related issues before acting on any interest he might have in returning to competition.

“I’ve got some mileage on me…but yeah, have I thought about fighting (again)? All the time,” Miller exclaimed. “But I’m going through this hassle and that hassle with getting knee surgery. I have to have two knee surgeries. So I’m going to rebuild him, make him stronger, faster and then we’ll talk about it.”

“If I do so it’ll be on my terms, it won’t be with this corporate monarchy. I’m not into it,” he continued. “The UFC’s not a real sport until there’s a union. How quick did Kobe Bryant get his (Achilles) repaired? We have no protection. We’re at the will of one bald-headed Uncle Fester.”

Miller elaborated, saying his next “fight” might actually be one aimed at helping improve health care for his peers. Of course, in standard “Mayhem” form, Miller also did the legitimacy of his plight harm by pulling out a knife during the interview to deface a T-Shirt he was wearing.

No dates were mentioned in terms of when Miller expected to go under a different sort of knife to repair his damaged knees.