UFC lightweight T.J. Grant recently found himself in a precarious position after suffering a concussion while training for an August 31 crack at champion Benson Henderson – stay in the scrap and risk long-term damage to his health or withdraw and risk an opportunity he’d worked extremely hard to obtain.

Grant ultimately opted for the latter, telling The MMA Hour he hasn’t been given a guarantee he’ll get the winner of Henderson’s title-defense against Anthony Pettis. However, the Canadian finisher has no regrets about the path he chose.

“I’m not scared to fight anyone. If I was healthy and I knew that I could get in shape, I would’ve [tried it.]. It’s a little scary. I wanted to kind of make the best decision for myself,” explained the 21-5 Grant. “I want to do what’s best for me. I want to fight for a long time. I want to live a long time. I want to enjoy my baby girl and all that stuff, so I thought about it a lot and talked to the UFC doctor and all the doctors here. The decision was 100 percent mine.”

When it comes to Henderson-Pettis, Grant confessed he didn’t have a preference in the bout other than seeing an entertaining affair.

“I hope they have a good fight, they beat each other up good,” said Grant, adding, “I hope the winner doesn’t get injured though, because I want to fight him.”

The 29-year old Grant is on a five-fight winning streak with knockouts of Matt Wiman and Gray Maynard in 2013. Seventeen of his victories have featured some form of stoppage.