Other than money, it wouldn’t seem there’s a lot out there motivating UFC middleweight legend Anderson Silva to continue his career. He’s fresh off the first knockout loss of his career and is 38 years old, owning records for consecutive wins in the Octagon and title-defenses not likely to be broken for years if ever. However, “The Spider” is an enigma of sorts, and it appears his stumble to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 has resulted in a revitalized Silva rather than a man looking to call it quits.

“Everybody has to retire, but it’s not my time yet,” said Silva in an interview with Globo. “Chris gave me this opportunity and we’re fighting again. That’s another chance to overcome, reinvent myself as a person and athlete.”

“You end up learning with your mistakes, and I learned the worst way possible,” continued Silva. “After everything that happened, we calm down and I realized I had something to question, even question Anderson Silva. I lost to myself, and that’s the worst loss. Losing by knockout shakes you. It will be in history, but will leave a lesson.”

Though it would seem one bit of knowledge imparted on Silva by his less-than stellar performance against Weidman would relate to showboating, the 33-5 Brazilian doesn’t seem to feel he did anything wrong in that regard. According to Silva, his behavior was a means of entertaining the audience and not an attempt to insult Weidman.

“There was no lack of respect. I respect everybody. All the provocation, hands down… It should continue, it’s part of the show,” he stated.

Silva’s second go at the 10-0 Weidman is set for December 28 at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.