There’s no question regarding the positive impact the Ultimate Fighter has had on the UFC’s trajectory as a company or the influence the franchise has had on other MMA organizations interested in taking their value to the next level. Earlier this summer, Bellator introduced Fight Master in an attempt to help create new stars while entertaining viewers who can eventually be cultivated into fans. Now, it looks like Invicta FC is ready to give it a go as well, though the promotion isn’t looking to deliver an all-female version of its peers’ products.

“We’re working on a reality show, which will be nothing similar to TUF or Fight Master,” said CEO Shannon Knapp in an interview with MMAFrenzy. “It’ll be completely different, where it won’t be everyone living in the house. So we have a lot going on, and we grew so fast that it is sometimes hard to keep up with.”

“We’re still working on everything right now, so I don’t have a lot of details that are solid enough that I can talk about it but there will be news in the future,” she concluded.

As alluded to, no dates, format, or even broadcasting outlet were mentioned. Regardless, with a PPV in the books and a roster of outstanding talent, the future is certainly looking bright for Invicta FC.