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Clash of the Captions (7/15/13)

Clash of the Captions (7/15/13)

Anyone who has been coming to Five Ounces of Pain for more than a few days understands our community boasts some of the best readers on the MMA landscape. While some sites settle for online trolls and uninformed debate, our crew of loyal followers fill the bottom part of our pages up with interesting ideas, well-thought out points, and of course the occasional laugh.

In that latter spirit, we are running a daily picture pulled from our catalog of USA Today images for our creative faithful to have some fun with by offering up an insightful or downright hilarious caption in the Comments section. Then, each Sunday, the best ones will be pulled for one final retrospective.

Today’s offering comes courtesy of UFC broadcaster, comedian, and all-around cool guy Joe Rogan. Have fun!

MMA: UFC 150-Lentz vs Mitsuoka

  • SBERG says:

    ” You ever had the feeling your ass is gonna throw up through your face?” ,” I do”

  • raker says:

    Goldberg…. You are really getting on my nerves.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Get your f**king hands off my stash, Diaz.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Another stand up? Let them work!

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I forgot what I was suppose to be doing right now

  • MCM says:

    After years of training with Eddie Bravo, Rogan finally snapped and started referring to grappling techniques by whatever object was closest at hand.

  • Screenplaya says:

    When Arianny walks by, Joe stops thinking of ways to kill Goldberg and momentarily loses the ability to form sentences.

  • Senor Hairy Knuckles himself* Can I borrow yer No-No?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    GSP doing his best Rogan impersonation.

  • SBERG says:

    “Maybe if I stand here holding a mike starring off into space no one will notice what i’m doing with my left hand”

  • MCM says:

    is Rogan on this site giving thumbs down?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Haha I don’t now MCM but it’s kinda been like this lately, a lot of our comments are getting thumbed down for no reason it seems

  • waitetr says:

    Uh no Mike he did not just punch him with a flying reverse heel hook.

  • SBERG says:

    Alpha I believe the reason is people with a complete lack of sense of humor, no concept of creative know how so instead they dislike everything they aren’t smart enough to come up with themselves….Just my two cents….I think this stuff is hysterical ,even if people like what I add or not….and the last comment by Waitetr is pretty funny.. thumbs up from me…

  • raker says:

    I don’t dislike the captions because I dislike them, info it as a vote. Their all good in their own way though

  • raker says:

    *I do it…. F#* auto correct


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