Depending on whom you ask, middleweight icon Anderson Silva will get a second crack at champion Chris Weidman when the UFC hosts its annual New Year’s Eve Weekend event in Las Vegas on December 28. On one hand, Silva has officially gone on record to state he will see action against Weidman at UFC 168. On the other, UFC President Dana White has denied the bout is officially attached to the event.

Silva revealed the rematch was inked for the date in question during an interview with GQ.

“After losing, I have to get ready again and fight again,” explained Silva.

The 38-year old former title-holder also went on to admit he learned a lot from the recent loss, saying, “The most important thing for me was to realize that people like me and want to see me always winning. But it was also important to reiterate that I am not invincible. Nobody is. Every lot has its bad days.”

White quickly addressed Silva’s statements, telling MMAFighting nothing had been set in stone and other options for the fight were being considered including Super Bowl Weekend as well as potential stadium shows in Brazil/Dallas.