UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman achieved the unthinkable by knocking out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, doing what opponents like Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, and others had failed to pull off over the Brazilian’s brilliant run in the Octagon. While Weidman still has his sights set on a rematch with Silva or bout against Vitor Belfort, the unbeaten New Yorker is open to proving he’s the best fighter the State has produced by beating light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones.

Weidman was asked by ESPN about taking either super-fight Silva was set to mull over had he won last weekend, dismissing the notion of welterweight Georges St-Pierre as an opponent before turning talk towards Jones.

“Definitely not against GSP. First off, I would never call out someone who was a lot smaller than me. I’ve trained with him before, and he’s just a smaller guy,” said Weidman. “I’ve got Anderson Silva on my mind, but if the fans wanted to see that fight [against Jones] and the UFC wanted it to happen, I’m 1000 percent in. I asked to fight Jon Jones on ten days’ notice back when Dan Henderson got hurt. But I wasn’t a big enough name at that point, so they were like, ‘no’.”

Regardless of what his future holds in terms of fights, Weidman is set on going down as a legend on par with the man he defeated this past Saturday night.

“My ultimate goal was always that I want to be known as one of the greatest of all time,” stated Weidman. “The first step was obviously to be UFC champion. I did that, and now it’s time to take one fight at a time and really just set myself apart from the group. That’s my goal.”